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The Square Circle Dvd

An abducted girl suffers terrible violence at the hands of a group of men she encounters. Escaping them, she finds refuge with a transvestite.


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Daayraa (translation: The Square Circle; sometimes spelled as Daayra) is a 1996 Bollywood film, directed by Amol Palekar, starring Nirmal Pandey and Sonali Kulkarni. The screenplay was by award-winning journalist and novelist, Timeri N. Murari. Exploring themes such as male-female relationships, preconceived notions of love, and social attitudes toward them, the plot involves a romantic relationship between a transvestite dancer and a gang raped woman who begins to dress up like a man.


Set on the northeastern coast of India, this Indian film includes Bollywood song-and-dance elements in a plot about social issues in India, focusing on women’s status in Indian village society, cross dressing, rape, and the history of Indian folk song. The film uses folk songs to tell the story, including one scene parodying Bollywood-style musical numbers.[citation needed]


Character Name Played by
The Transvestite Nirmal Pandey
The Girl Sonali Kulkarni
Madam Faiyyaz
Bar Owner Rekha Sahay
Widow Neena Kulkarni
Garage Owner Haidar Ali
Abductor Nandu Madhav
Abductor Nagesh Bhosie
Girl’s Parent Rekha Sabnis
Girl’s Parent Sanjay Sharma
Sushila’s Husband Kalyani Karandikar
Jeep Driver Ganesh Yadav
Rapist Shezaad
Rapist Brijesh Singh
Rapist Rajiv Mohanty


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