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The Zoya Factor Dvd

Zoya, who becomes the lucky charm of the Indian cricket team, is forced to choose between her career as a mascot or Nikhil, the love of her life and the captain of the Indian team.

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The Zoya Factor is a 2019 Indian Hindi language romantic comedy film directed by Abhishek Sharma and produced by Fox Star Studios, Pooja Shetty and Aarrti Shetty. Starring Dulquer Salmaan and Sonam K Ahuja.The film is a light adaptation of Anuja Chauhan’s 2008 novel of the same name, which follows the story of a girl, Zoya Solanki, who becomes a lucky charm for the Indian Cricket team during the 2011 Cricket World Cup, and the team captain Nikhil Khoda who doesn’t believe in luck and superstitions.


Zoya Solanki (Sonam Kapoor Ahuja) is a junior in her love life and professional life reach an all time low when her rich dentist boyfriend (Rishi Hapawat) dumps her for being too infra dig, and her boss (Koel Purie) at the ad agency grows displeased with her inefficient work. But soon, her luck sent to Srilanka to shoot an ad film with the Indian cricket team. Zoya accidentally meets Nikhil Khoda (Dulquer Salmaan), the Indian team captain who is a staunch believer of hardwork and against his team’s dependence on superstitions. When Zoya gets invited to a breakfast with the team, she reveals that she was born the day when India won its first World Cup. This makes the team believe that Zoya could be their lucky mascot.

Her luck rubs off sensationally when the team wins the match in Sri Lanka. This goes against the wishes of Captain Khoda who is attracted to Zoya but is also irritated by the media for giving her the credit for their wins. Nikhil is at loggerheads with Robin (Angad Bedi), the previous captain of the Indian Cricket Team whose uncle is the President of the Board. When the Board hears about Zoya’s lucky charm they decide to hire her as their Official Lucky Mascot. Nikhil is displeased with this and tells Zoya to leave immediately. An angry Zoya, goes back home. Later however, Nikhil visits her and apologizes for his actions and also expresses his true feelings for her which Zoya happily accepts. Zoya turns down the offer of the Board and pursues a relationship with Nikhil. To make Zoya return, Robin gives another Ad contract to AWB with Zoya being made the head. Zoya is extremely happy as it gives her more time with Nikhil and is a changing point in her career. Despite trying their best to keep their Relationship a secret, Robin eventually finds out about Zoya and Nikhil’s affair. He warns Zoya about Nikhil’s intentions claiming that Nikhil only wants Zoya for himself, so that he can be the Star Player. Initially, Zoya doesn’t believe Robin but after he sends her a Video about a previous conversation Nikhil had with a reporter where Nikhil is advised by the reporter to make Zoya fall in love with him by his charms so that she would reject the offer, Zoya is left heartbroken. She confronts Nikhil who tries to tell her that Robin is using her to get to him but Zoya doesn’t listen. After Nikhil offers Zoya double the amount of the original contract to stay away from his team, Zoya breaks up with him and instead takes the Board’s offer to become the Lucky Mascot.

Zoya Solanki becomes a sensation called “The Zoya Factor” and is hailed as the “Cricket Goddess” as Team India continues to win matches. Zoya is given more credit by the media than Nikhil and his team. Nikhil requests the Board to leave Zoya out of one match which is not very important for the team. Despite being an easy match, Robin purposely loses making everyone believe Zoya is indeed their Lucky Mascot and they cannot win without her. After being made a Goddess for an Ad shoot, Zoya comes to realise that even if Team India wins The World Cup, people would believe it is because of her rather than Nikhil’s hardwork. Realising that both Robin and his Uncle have been using her to oust Nikhil from captaincy, Zoya breaks the contract and refuses to come to the Final Match between India and Sri Lanka. Zoya apologizes to Nikhil and wishes him luck for the next day. The next morning, the BCCI calls Zoya a traitor and hundreds of people gather outside her house pelting stones. The Indian Cricket Team are sure about their loss without Zoya but after Nikhil gives them a speech about how each one of them has worked hard to reach here and didn’t need a Zoya Factor, they certainly do not need one now. The Team plays well and despite Robin’s efforts to drown them, Team India emerges as Winners as everyone comes to believe that they do not need a Lucky Mascot for their win. Nikhil later shows up at Zoya’s house claiming his love for her and they reconcile.

In the epilogue, Nikhil and Zoya get married and make it a rule to never have breakfast before a Match. The Indian Cricket Team finally lets go of their superstitions and believes on working hard. Robin and his Uncle are suspended by the BCCI for foul play. Zoya finally resigns from her job and opens her own Ad Agency.


Dulquer Salmaan as Nikhil Khoda, Indian Cricket Team Captain
Sonam K Ahuja as Zoya Singh Solanki Khoda, an advertising executive
Dilraj singh Hada as Rohit Singh Sholanki khoda, student
Sanjay Kapoor as Vijayendra Singh Solanki, Zoya’s father
Angad Bedi as Robin Rawal, Indian Cricketer
Sikander Kher as Zoravar Singh Solanki, Zoya’s brother
Rishi Hapawat as Dentist
Udit Arora as Ketan, Indian Opening Batsman
Abhilash Chaudhary as Shivnath (Shivi), Indian opening batsman
Jashan Singh Kohli as Navneet Singh, Indian cricketer
Gandharv Dewan as Hharviindar (Harry) Singh, Indian cricketer
Abhishek Madrecha as Zahid Pathan, Indian cricketer
Alistar Bennis as Neelo
Vikas Mandaliya as Vishal
Manu Rishi as Jogpal
Pooja Bhamrrah as Sonali
Koel Purie as Monika, Zoya’s boss
Pradhuman Singh
Sachin Deshpande as Lakhi, Indian cricketer
Shoaib Ahmed as Dabbu
R. Bhakti Klein as Wes Hardin, Indian Coach
Manoj Goyal as Lokey
Simran Channa as Mrs. Solanki
Arvinder Singh Gill as Jimmy
Yogendra Tiku as Kaushik
Himanshu Gokani as Mehra
Madhurima Roy as Lily
Sunikumar Nair as Siji
Mahira Khurana as young Zoya
Nazeem Shine as Shubash
Saurav Agarwal as Kahid
Pankaj Dheer (Guest appearance)
Anil Kapoor as AK, a film actor (Guest appearance)
Shah Rukh Khan as Narrator (Voice Only)


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