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Yaariyan Dvd

Lakshya, Jiya, Saloni, Pardy and Neil, five friends who study in a college in Sikkim, strive to win a competition in order to stop property developers from demolishing their campus.

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Yaariyan (transl. Friendships) is a 2014 Indian Hindi-language coming-of-age romance film directed by Divya Khosla Kumar, and stars Himansh Kohli, Rakul Preet Singh and Nicole Faria. It marked the debut of the director as well as the leads. The film was produced by Bhushan Kumar and Krishan Kumar under the banner of T-Series Super Cassettes Industries.

Yaariyan tells the story of 5 close friends who are in college, experiencing different relationships and learning new values. The response to the promotional material on YouTube led the distributor to release the film two weeks earlier than initially planned. The film released on 10 January 2014 with 1200 screens release in India. The film received negative review from critics but was a box office success grossing ₹695.5 million against its ₹100 million budget.


Living in a university campus set in Sikkim, Lakshya (Himansh Kohli) is the son of a martyred army officer but does not appreciate his father’s sacrifice for the nation. Lakshya, Jiya (Nicole Faria) – a college bombshell, Saloni (Rakul Preet Singh) – a geek, Pardy – a drummer, and Neil – a biker, are five close friends who are exploring the best moments of their lives in college, experiencing different relationships yet living an aimless life. Lakshya and his girlfriend, Jenny try to kiss in the library but get interrupted by Pardy and caught by the principal. Soon, in a function Lakshya and Jenny again try to use some personal time with Jiya taking her role for the function but things go awry when Jiya gets stripped from her saree in her underwear in front of the audience and Lakshya and Jenny hanging from a chain above. Jenny then dumps Lakshya. They come across a challenge when their college land has been bought by an Australian businessman who plans to build a casino instead but is ready to lease out the land to the college for 100 years only if they’re able to defeat a team of Australian students in a five-round competition. The principal chooses the five students to take part in the challenge.

For the first three rounds they are sent to Australia where Lakshya meets his best friend and cousin Debu. During the first round of rock concert, the Australian band steals Lakshya and his band’s song, and on protest they brutally beat Debu. While Debu is rushed to hospital, Lakshya and the band perform a Hindi song, eventually losing the first round. Saloni then wins the second round which is a chess competition. Unable to recover from his injuries, Debu succumbs to death in the hospital. Disturbed by his death, Saloni and Neil lose the third round of bike race, giving Australia a 2–1 lead.

The competition is then shifted to India with two more rounds to go. Lakshya discovers that Neil was the traitor who gave their song to the Australian band and intentionally lost the bike race motivated by a greed of getting an Australian immigration as promised by an Australian team member. Neil is now planning to lose the cycle race as well, but in order to fail his plan, Lakshya befriends Jannet (Evelyn Sharma) and makes Neil believe that the Australians are double crossing him. Neil realizes his fault and decides to win the race, but fatefully falls from stairs breaking his leg. Lakshya takes his place and beats Australia in round four leading to a tie between both teams. In the final round of rock climbing, a team member of both teams has to collect his respective country’s flag from the hill top and race back to college in order to win the competition. After crossing all the hurdles, Lakshya manages to win the race and the college celebrates their victory. The story ends with Lakshya and Saloni, Jiya and Pardy getting together while Neil repents his deeds. At the end, Lakshya and Saloni kiss but Lakshya gets distracted again after seeing a nearby hot girl’s butt.


Himansh Kohli as Lakshya
Rakul Preet Singh as Saloni
Serah Singh as Jenny
Nicole Faria as Jiya
Shreyas Porus Pardiwalla as Pardy
Dev Sharma as Neil
Jatin Suri as Debu
Vikas Verma As Mike
Evelyn Sharma as Jannet
Sayali Bhagat as Nikki
Gabriella Giardina]] as Elizabeth
Deepti Naval as Girl Hostel Warden
Smita Jaykar as Lakshya’s mother
Gulshan Grover as College Principal
Hemant Pandey as Saloni’s father
Manish Kumar as Jenny’s boyfriend
Yo Yo Honey Singh as Batbelly


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