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Army Dvd

Arjun, an army man, who is newly-wed, is brutally killed by a gangster, Nagraj. His wife, who is determined to avenge her husband, raises an army of dedicated young men to kill the gangster.


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Army is a 1996 Indian Hindi action film directed by Raam Shetty. The film stars Sridevi. It released on 28 June 1996. The movie was reported to be inspired by Sholay.


The story follows Major Arjun Singh (Shah Rukh Khan), a dutiful army officer and Friend of acclaimed Jailer Raghuvir Singh (Kiran Kumar). He is in love with Geeta (Sridevi), and they get married, and become proud parents. Arjun soon gets involved in the bad books of a notorious gangster named Naagraj (Danny Denzongpa). Arjun starts working undercover in Nagraj’s gang, but soon enough, Nagraj is informed about Arjun’s real identity, and Arjun is brutally killed. When Geeta finds out, she decides to avenge Arjun’s death. When Naagraj finds out that Geeta is out for vengeance, he scoffs at her, refusing to believe that a lone defenseless widow can do him any harm. But Naagraj is in for a surprise when he comes face to face with Geeta and a group of young convicted men on the run who are dedicated to bringing him down – even if they die trying.


Sridevi as Geeta
Shahrukh Khan as Major Arjun Singh
Danny Denzongpa as Naagraj
Harish Kumar as Kishan
Sudesh Berry as Khan
Mohnish Behl as Kabir
Ronit Roy as Kevin
Ravi Kissen as Kartar
Harish Kumar as Kishan
Aasif Sheikh as Rahul
Ashok Saraf as Pascal
Kiran Kumar as Jailer Raghuvir Singh
Tinnu Anand as Pancham
Kanchan (actress) as Bobby


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