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Benny Loves You dvd

Jack, a man desperate to improve his life throws away his beloved childhood plush, Benny. It’s a move that has disastrous consequences when Benny springs to life with deadly intentions.


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Benny Loves You is a 2019 British-American horror comedy film written and directed by Karl Holt. it stars Claire Cartwright, George Collie, James Parsons, David Wayman, Lydia Hourihan and Karl Holt. The film was premiered at the Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre on November 21, 2019.



Jack is desperately trying for a new start in life, but when he throws away his childhood stuffed dog Benny, it’s a move that can only end in death.



Karl Holt as Jack
Claire Cartwright as Dawn
George Collie as Richard
James Parsons as Ron
Anthony Styles as Bad Cop
Darren Benedict as Good Cop
Lydia Hourihan as Tara
David Wayman as Phil
Jennifer Healy as Ashley’s Mother
Bella Munday as Ashley
Catriona McDonald as Jack’s Mother
Greg Barnett as David
Logan Murray as Young Jack
Greg Page as Jack’s Dad


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