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Beta Ho To Aisa.Dvd

Directed by C.P. Dixit
Produced by Late Praveen Khanna
Written by Kehsav rathod, Ram govind
Starring Govinda
Varsha Usgaonkar & Raza Murad
Music by Ravindra Jain
Cinematography Munir khan
Edited by Hussain Burmawala
Release date
21 October 1994
Country India
Language Hindi


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Beta Ho To Aisa is a 1994 hindi film directed by Late C.P. Dixit, presented by Babubhai latiwala of Bombino video & produced by Late Praveen Khanna; Govinda’s brother in law. Starring Govinda, Varsha Usgaonkar, Gulshan Grover and Raza Murad in pivotal roles its fully shot in Mumbai and Kerala.




Govinda as Raju (Dinu’s son)
Varsha Usgaonkar as Mini (J.K.’s daughter/ Raju’s love interest)
Vijayendra Ghatge as Anand, Forest Officer
Anjana Mumtaz as Laxmi (Raju’s step-mother)
Rakesh Pandey as Dinubhai – Anand Servant and Raju’s Dad
Mohan Bhandari as Chander (Raju’s step-brother)
Sanjay Jog as Suraj (Raju’s step-brother)
Anuradha Sawant as Asha (Raju’s step-sister)
Asrani as Bantu (Raju’s friend)
Raza Murad as Kunwer / Raja Saheb/ J.K.
Gulshan Grover as Rakesh (J.K.’s son)
Sharat Saxena as Raaka / Ramakant
Viju Khote as eye wit Poojari
Daboo Malik as Ravi
Amrit Patel as Kasturilal
Asha Sharma as Manager of women’s shelter
Sudhir (Indian Actor) as J.K.’s henchman
Ajit Vachani as Police Inspector Ram Singh
Praveen Kumar as Ranjeet,J.K.’s henchman.
Savita Bajaj as Ramnath Mother, (Only Photo in Photograph) (Cameo Role)
Ramesh Goyal as S.P.


Anand is a forest officer in Ramgarh with his pregnant wife Laxmi raising his two adolescent sons; Suraj and chandar, serviced by a loyal domestic help Dinu and his adolescent son Raju whom Anand and Laxmi have bought up with like their own. When Anand and an anguished JK spot bandits looting gold; they gun them down taking over the bounty. Anand tricks JK and hides the same arousing JK’s wrath who captures him for its information though not before he has tracked down his loyal servant Dinu too thus forcefully displacing Anand’s family to Mumbai. A young Raju takes to the Robin Hood life to bring up his master’s family he considers his own. He seldom encounters thugs whom he hoodwinks along with his accomplice Bantu. Raju and Jk’s daughter Mini fall in love, while Suraj and Chandar are driven to corruption under Jk; a self styled big thug. Suraj wishes to forcefully marry Mini. Meanwhile Laxmi discovers Raju’s short cut ways and abandons him though Raju’s repentance brings his mother and sister back though later his sister gets victimised. Raju avenges but an unjust catastrophe befalls. Jk is an over protective father but bewilders Rakesh by the truth that he has bought up niece Mini in the lust for going from rags to riches. How Raju and JK connect dramatically to their destinies mysteriously over an old Anand forms the climax of the film.


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