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Blood Money Dvd

Kunal, an unemployed man, marries his girlfriend Aarzoo and both migrate to South Africa. He gets a job in a diamond trading firm. Later, he gets involved in the illegal activities of the company.

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Blood Money is a 2012 Indian Hindi-language action thriller film directed by Vishal Mahadkar and produced by Mahesh Bhatt.


The story is about Kunal (Kunal Khemu) who believes he can do anything by trying his hardest. He receives a job offer through his friend Shawn (Teeshay) and his wife Nandini (Puja Gupta) in Cape Town and moves there with his wife Aarzoo (Amrita Puri). They live a happy life together, until Kunal becomes extremely workaholic. Kunal’s nature irritates Aarzoo which leads to frequent outbursts and quarrels. Kunal becomes the most trusted employee of his boss Dharmesh Zaveri (Manish Chaudhary). This thing angers Dinesh Zaveri, Dharmesh Zaveri’s younger brother. Kunal advances in his job. Soon Dharmesh is revealed to be an underworld gangster. The company Kunal works in deals with exporting diamonds; Kunal has no idea that it happens illegally. His boss, Mr. Zakaria, sends his hot colleague Rosa to charm Kunal and take him away from his wife. Following the day when Kunal gets drunk in a party, Rosa takes advantage and manages to make love with him. Kunal reaches his house and finds Aarzoo sleeping and accidentally wakes her up, after which they both pick up a quarrel. Soon enough, Kunal realises the crime he is a part of and decides to leave Cape Town. However, Zakaria knows that Kunal is aware of the illegal business and the only way to keep him silent is to kill him.

Kunal one day tells Aarzoo that Rosa took advantage of him when he was drunk, which leaves Aarzoo shattered and she returns him the diamond pendant given to her by him, writing that she can’t live with him anymore and has gone to stay at Shawn’s house. Shawn tries to console Kunal, and in the process it’s revealed that even Shawn knows about Zakaria’s evil plans but can’t do anything in front of him. He advises Kunal not to oppose him, otherwise he might end up losing his life. Kunal then gets a call from his boss who sends him to a place where he unknowingly gives a gun and other weapons in exchange for the diamonds, to a terrorist who kills an innocent man in front of him. Kunal feels bad and returns to find that Shawn has been killed.

Then, he reveals about what wrong had been happening with him and how he wanted to leave this, to Aarzoo who later understands and joins him. Kunal tries to get help from a police officer Bobby Kapadia. He asks Kunal to get into Zakaria’s cabin and get his computer’s hard disk and a diary in which he keeps all his records. Kunal manages to get them but as is about to go, is chased by some guards. He gets stabbed by Dinesh Zaveri but beats him and survives. He fights against all the guards and reaches the plane area, where he gets to know that Bobby Kapadia was actually working with Zakaria, whose plan was to make Kunal reach the plane area where he would kill him. Then Kunal reveals to Zakaria that it was his plan to make him come to the plane area, and that he knew about his identity and thus was playing a game with him. As Zakaria gets up to hit Kunal, he throws the gun and beats him, till the interpol arrives. Zakaria is then arrested and Kunal is taken to safety. Later, it is shown at the end that Kunal and Aarzoo move back to Madh island and Kunal is shown reading Hansel and Gretel to little kids and the movie ends with a song.


Kunal Khemu as Kunal Kadam
Amrita Puri as Aarzoo Kadam, Kunal’s wife
Manish Choudhary as Dharmesh Zaveri / Rajan Zakaria
Mia Uyeda a.k.a. Mia Evonne Uyeda as Rosa
Karan Mehra as Inspector Bobby Kapadia[citation needed]
Sandeep Sikand as Dinesh Zaveri
Shekhar Shukla as Paresh
Teeshay Shah as Kunal’s colleague and k9


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