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Brothers Dvd

David and Monty, estranged half-brothers, train in mixed martial arts to earn a livelihood. However, things change when the two are forced to compete against each other in the final tournament.

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Brothers is a 2015 Indian sports drama film, based on Mixed Martial arts (MMA) directed by Karan Malhotra and produced by Dharma Productions, Lionsgate Films and Endemol India. The film is an official remake of the 2011 American film Warrior. It stars Akshay Kumar and Sidharth Malhotra in the lead roles with Jacqueline Fernandez, Jackie Shroff and Shefali Shah in supporting roles. The first look poster of the film was released on 9 March 2015 and film released on 14 August 2015 on Independence Day weekend.


The film opens in medias res where street fighting issues are raised in Mumbai. Sports chairman Peter Braganza (Kiran Kumar) expresses his desire of making street fighting a legal sport and decides to open a league called Right 2 Fight (R2F). Meanwhile, imprisoned Garson “Gary” Fernandes (Jackie Shroff), a recovering alcoholic and former MMA expert under rehabilitation, is released from his jail term and his younger son Monty (Sidharth Malhotra) comes to pick him up. Monty gets tensed when his father asks about his elder son David and takes him away to their home. At home Gary acts protective of all the belongings of his wife Maria, who died many years ago. David (Akshay Kumar), now a physics teacher, has a daughter with kidney ailment. Unable to arrange money from the bank and other sources, he starts to earn money through street fights as he was once a promising MMA fighter when he was younger. This stresses out his wife Jenny (Jacqueline Fernandez) as she is worried about David. Meanwhile, Gary, who misses his wife Maria (Shefali Shah), starts hallucinating about her and violently attacks a mirror from self hating about how he destroyed his family, Monty rushes to stop and comfort father realizing how much regret he has. Gary then tries to meet David but the latter ends up throwing Monty and Gary out of his house in rage after Gary sees his granddaughter and learns David named her after his mother Maria.

Through flashbacks Monty is revealed to be Gary’s illegitimate child. Maria nevertheless loved Monty, as she did David. The two brothers had a close, loving relationship until David was 18 and Monty was 15. On the night of Monty’s 15th birthday, Gary came home drunk and apologizes to Maria for destroying the family, but mentions his lover Sarah’s name, instead of Maria’s. An enraged Maria confronts Gary about this. In a drunken state Gary hits Maria who is injured from hitting her head on the furniture and dies. A furious David pushes Gary aside, when Monty comes close to Maria who reached out to him before passing, David angrily pushes him away, holding his father and half-brother equally responsible for his mother’s death. This is what created the rift between Gary, Monty and David.

David later loses his job in the school when the principal Shobhit Desai (Kulbhushan Kharbanda) learn’s about David’s involvement in street fights. Monty, who wants to be a fighter, is then introduced to Suleiman Pasha (Ashutosh Rana), a fight agent. Suleiman fixes a match with Mustafa in which Monty is defeated. This enrages Gary but Monty has a rematch with Mustafa, where Monty defeats Mustafa after listening to his father’s advice and is declared a selected fighter for R2F by Peter. The fight is recorded and uploaded to YouTube and soon Monty becomes an internet sensation. Monty undergoes training to become the R2F champion. Meanwhile, David too decides to be a full-time fighter and Jenny encourages him to do so. Suleiman trains David and arranges a match while Monty celebrates his victory at a bar. David soon is victorious in the fight and is accepted for R2F. R2F begins its grand debut and soon becomes a sensation as fighters from all over the world showed their interest in the league. Monty and David at first have a solid time winning till each goes up against a fighter that pushes them to the limits. Eventually the brothers make it to the finals.

Gary, feeling guilty about his sons fighting each other instead of loving one another because of his mistake leaves the arena. Jenny, David’s students, and everyone back at Suleiman’s fight club watch the match which becomes brutal from the heated rivalry between the brothers. During the fight, David breaks Monty’s shoulder which causes David concern as Monty refuses to give up. Gary rushes towards the cage and apologizes for his mistake and tells David not to release his anger towards his brother. Monty continues to fight despite David’s plea to stop. David gets Monty in a rear naked choke hold and tells Monty not to fight anymore. Monty in turn says to continue to choke him because David is selfish and never considered how Monty felt that night telling him Maria was also his mother and how lonely he was without her and David in his life. David moved to tears now realizing how much pain he caused Monty finally apologizes and Monty allows David to win the championship. David takes Monty in his arms and both brothers walk backstage now having finally reconciled.


Akshay Kumar as David Fernandes, Gary and Maria’s oldest son who was once a physics teacher turned MMA fighter to help support his wife and daughter. He is equivalent to Brendan Conlon played by Joel Edgerton.
Sidharth Malhotra as Monty Fernandes, Gary’s illegitimate son and David’s half-brother. He was the son to Gary’s lover Sarah and is now an aggressive fighter who drinks just like his father. He is equivalent to Tommy Conlon who is played by Tom Hardy.
Jacqueline Fernandez as Jenny Fernandes, David’s wife who fears of David fighting in the R2F Tournament to help support her and their daughter. She is equivalent to Tess Conlon who is played by Jennifer Morrison.
Jackie Shroff as Garson “Gary” Fernandes, David and Monty’s father who was once an alcoholic now turned sober. He now trains Monty for the R2F Tournament. He is equivalent to Paddy Conlon who is by Nick Nolte.
Shefali Shah as Maria Fernandes, Gary’s wife and the mother of David and Monty who was killed by Gary in a drunken rage. Her death is the reason that causes a rift between Gary, David, and Monty.
Prateik Bhanushali as Monty Fernandes (as a teenager)
Aarsh Gyani as David Fernandes (as a teenager)
Ashutosh Rana as Suleiman Pasha, the coach owner of an underground fight club who now mentors David for the R2F. He is equivalent to Frank Campana who is played by Frank Grillo.
Kiran Kumar as Peter Braganza (Former Mixed Martial Art Champion and now a Chairman)
Kulbhushan Kharbanda as Principal Shobhit Desai
Rajendranath Zutshi as Baaz Raut, ex-fighter – commentator 1
Kavi Shastri as Sachin Nehra, a sports journalist – commentator 2
Ashok Lokhande as Gary’s best friend and Monty’s coach
Harssh A. Singh as Santosh Desai, News Anchor
Conan Stevens as Luca
Shad Gaspard as Ronnie Cross
Naisha Khanna as Maria David Fernandes aka Poopoo (David’s and Jenny’s daughter)
Zubin Vicky Driver as Swami
Abbas Hyder as Suleman
Honey Sharma as Mustafa
Ramneeka Dhillon Lobo as Suzan
Kareena Kapoor as Mary (item number “Mera Naam Mary Hai”)


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