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Chala Mussaddi… Office Office Dvd

A retired school teacher is shocked when he is presumed dead by government officials. He then sets out to prove to them that he is actually alive so that he can receive his pension.


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Chala Mussaddi … Office Office (transl. Mussaddi went… to the office) is a 2011 Bollywood satirical film based on the television series Office Office, also directed by Rajiv Mehra. Starring Pankaj Kapoor, Deven Bhojani, Asawari Joshi, Sanjay Mishra and others, who also featured in the TV sitcom.


Retired schoolmaster Mussaddi Lal Tripathi (Pankaj Kapoor), the quintessential “Common Man” troubled by his wife’s serious illness takes her to the hospital where the utter negligence and vested interests of the doctors result in her untimely death. Mussaddi then along with his young unemployed, drifter son, Bunty (Gaurav Kapoor) he sets out for his pilgrimage to the four Holy sites for the immersion of his wife’s ashes. In his absence, pension officers arrive at Mussaddi’s house to enquire his status. Musaddi’s neighbour Gupta tells them that Mussaddi has gone far away, and the Pension Officers interpret that Mussaddi Lal has expired, and report him dead in their files. When Mussaddi returns he discovers to his utter shock that he is dead according to Government Files. He tries his heart out to make the Pension Office staff believe that he is alive, but they are not convinced at all as they want proper proof.

Mussaddi Lal, bemused and dejected by the irony of the situation, sets out on his mission to gather proof that he is alive while the Pension Office employees resolve that whatever proof Mussaddi brings they will not allow him to be officially alive since they have already mopped up his pension money. Mussaddi decides to revolt in his own way and decides to take the law in his hands. Does Mussaddi finally get his justice or does he remain a dead victim of the bureaucracy? Can Mussaddi overcome the corrupt system and its officials and be triumphant, and alive, if so- how?


Pankaj Kapoor as Mussaddi Lal Tripathi
Deven Bhojani as Patel
Manoj Pahwa as Bhatia
Sanjay Mishra as Shukla
Hemant Pandey as Pandey Ji
Asawari Joshi as Ushaji
Gaurav Kapoor as Bunty Tripathi
Farida Jalal in a Cameo (Shanti)
Makrand Deshpande – Uncredited
Mahesh Thakur as Subhash the Judge


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