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Coffee with D Dvd

Arnab decides to interview a dreaded gangster named D to boost his show’s ratings and impress his boss. However, he lands up in a sticky situation when D suffers a cardiac arrest on his show.

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Coffee with D is a 2017 Indian Hindi-language satirical film directed by Vishal Mishra and produced by Vinod Ramani, starring Sunil Grover and Zakir Husain in the lead roles. Coffee with D was released on 20 January 2017. The film received mixed reviews from critics and failed commercially at the box office.


Arnab Ghosh (Sunil Grover) is a Senior Editor and news anchor at NB news channel. He hosts a prime-time show, interviewing different people including politicians. Due to low ratings, his boss, Roy (Rajesh Sharma), transfers him to a cookery show and asks him to come up with a new idea for another show.

Parul (Anjana Sukhani), Arnab’s wife, suggests he interviews feared Don/crime boss, D (Zakir Hussain). Arnab and his colleagues shoot fake videos about D, and post them on social media in order to make D angry. He agrees to stop posting the videos after receiving a call from Girdhari (Pankaj Tripathi), D’s CEO, on the condition that D consents to be interviewed. D agrees, while planning to kill Arnab live, during the TV show.

Arnab and his colleagues are brought to a secret location in Karachi by D’s men, while two other gangsters arrive at Arnab’s home in order to hold his family hostage. Arnab starts the interview, however D does not answer any of the questions correctly. Arnab receives a call from his wife, who asks him not to be a coward, but to prove D wrong. In the last part of the interview, Arnab accuses D of being responsible for terrorist activities, calling him a fraud and not a Don. On hearing this D dies of a heart attack.

Later, at his home, Arnab receives a call from a David Adrees Kaleman, who reveals himself to be D. A flashback shows that D only pretended to die, so that he could leave his original identity and begin a new life. Arnab is happy that there is no longer any persona such as D left in the world.


Sunil Grover as Arnab Ghosh, Senior Editor
Zakir Hussain as D
Dipannita Sharma as Neha
Anjana Sukhani as Parul, Arnab’s wife
Rajesh Sharma as News channel owner Roy
Pankaj Tripathi as Girdhari, D’s CEO
Vinod Ramani as Rummy
Guru Singh as Chussy
Firoz as Peter
Saurabh as Vivek
Manan Sampat as Ansari
Majid Sheikh as Aaftab Bhai
Akhilesh Tiwari as shopkeeper


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