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Do Lafzon Ki Kahani Dvd

A budding relationship between Sooraj, a boxer with an awful past, and Jenny, a girl with visual impairment, experiences challenges after they discover each other’s pasts.

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Do Lafzon Ki Kahani (transl. A tale of two words) is a 2016 Indian Hindi-language romantic drama film written by Girish Dhamija and directed by Deepak Tijori, cinematography by Mohana Krishna. Produced by Avinaash v rai, Dhaval Jayantilal Gada under his banner Pen India Limited, it stars Randeep Hooda and Kajal Aggarwal. It is a remake of the 2011 Korean movie Always, which was previously adapted in 2015 in Kannada as Boxer. The filming locations included Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and India. The film released worldwide on 10 June 2016.


Suraj (Randeep Hooda) is an ex-boxer who does multiple jobs to earn as much money as possible, but lives a lonely life in Malaysia. During his new job as a parking attendant, he ends up meeting Jenny (Kajal Aggarwal) a blind yet a cheerful girl who is surviving in the city all alone. They soon become friends and a chemistry sparks between the two. Suraj’s old coach Om (Mamik Singh) calls him back to the club but Suraj tells him that he has stopped fighting. He reveals that three years ago, during a boxing match his opponent’s wife begged him to lose as she needed the prize money for her daughter’s treatment. In order to help, Suraj loses the fight intentionally but later discovers that it was all a plot set by the opponent boxer. After trashing him in a night club, Suraj loses his boxing license and also stops trusting or caring for anyone. He later, started working as recovery agent but during one such recovery case, a man jumps out of his apartment window down on the road, leading to a car crash. Suraj has to serve 2 years of jail and since then taking care of the treatment of that man.

Back in the present time, Suraj now falls in love with Jenny and wants to express his love to her, but on reaching her house finds Jenny’s boss harassing her. Suraj beats him up, at which Jenny gets mad as she feared losing her job. Suraj promises to take care of her and takes her home. He proposes to Jenny and asks about her parents. Suraj is then shocked to discover that Jenny’s blindness and her parents death are due to the same car crash 3 years ago. Weighed down with guilt, Suraj decides to get Jenny operated but needed 3 lakhs of rupees within a month. Suraj, who has already returned to part-time boxing asks for help from his coach.

Suraj’s old rival Sikandar offers him to join an illegal fight club, where the owner Gavin (Yuri Suri) pays him 3 lakhs to lose a fight. Om tries to stop Suraj as this kind of fights may lead to fighter’s death or permanent handicap. During the fight Sikandar provokes him and Suraj beats him up. Angered Gavin gives Suraj a last chance to pay back by delivering a bag of drugs. While Jenny is being operated in hospital, Suraj delivers the package only to be run over by Sikandar’s car, leading to severe spinal injury. After getting her eyes back Jenny is disappointed not to see Suraj and mistook that he abandoned her. 6 months later, Jenny is now working at the same hospital as physiotherapist, where Suraj is getting treated but unable to recognize him. Suraj too didn’t reveal his identity to Jenny, because of his paralytic condition. On getting able to walk with clutches, Suraj decides to finally meet Jenny but seeing her with another man, he thinks that Jenny has now moved on. Hence, Suraj walks away with a heavy heart and visits the place were they both used to spend quality time. While searching for Suraj, Jenny reaches the same spot and they reunite.


Randeep Hooda as Sooraj Singh Rathod / Sooraj Uday Pratap Chauhan / Sarfaraz Ahmed
Kajal Aggarwal as Dr. Jenny Mathias, a blind sculptor artist, who is now a physiotherapist
Dhiraj Shetty as Sikander
Mamik Singh as Omi
Anil George as Shrikant
Snehal Kulshrestha as Driver
Yuri Suri as Kevin
Sara Khalid Gesawat as Aalia
Flora Saini as Natasha (in special appearance)
Pratichi Mishra as Kalawati
Vinay Aggarwal as Jenny’s father
Unknown as Kabir, a fitness club owner


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