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Freaky Ali Dvd

After a chance encounter with a golfer inspires him, Ali, a debt collector working for a gangster, pursues the sport professionally. Soon, he becomes a champion, but he must face a corrupt rival.

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Freaky Ali is a 2016 Indian sports comedy film written and directed by Sohail Khan. It is produced by Khan and Nishant Pitti, with dialogue by Raaj Shaandilyaa. The film stars Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Arbaaz Khan, and Amy Jackson.

Based on the 1996 American comedy film, Happy Gilmore, Freaky Ali was released on 9 September 2016.


Ali, a poor man turned gangster gets fired after working in an owner’s clothing store. Ali worries that he won’t be able to earn money anymore to take care of his mother named Salubha but his friend Maqsood inspires him. Ali and Maqsood try to get money from a rich and royal woman Padmavati but they manage to do it only after a fight with her. Maqsood is been working for Danger Bhai to get him money. Ali was going to be married but gets stopped by the owner in whose store Ali was working. Ali goes to golf course to get some money from Singhania. As Singhania is unable to put a ball in hole, Ali suddenly gets challenged as he made fun of Singhania. Ali accepts his challenge and he wins it to collect money. Ali’s uncle Kishan Lal who is a caddy driver, tells Ali that if he plays golf he can earn lots of money and can become a champion. Ali goes for practice but is unable to do it properly. Kishan tells Ali that his future is stuck between a perfect shot and a wrong choice. Ali inspired by this takes the correct path and practices perfectly. Ali in this process falls in love with Megha, a manager of golf champion Vikram Rathod who is arrogant, greedy and dishonest. Megha praises Ali’s performance but when Vikram tries to insult him he (Ali) overcomes it by telling him that even if poor people play the game played by the rich people can learn to win but “never lose”. Ali pays the fee of entering into tournament and qualifies into top 60 against 72 players. Vikram soon fires Megha and shows his arrogance to Ali but Ali reflects his attack by lessons that he learnt from the world. Ali wins events and earns money to take care of Salubha, at this process Ali and Megha developed feelings with each other. Danger Bhai tricks and blackmails Maqsood to not help Ali and Maqsood does it. When Megha finds out she tells to Ali’s mother (Salubha) and Maqsood gets scolded for this. Maqsood tries to explain why was he doing this, Ali’s mother convinces Maqsood that being honest/true person is more important. Kishan tells Ali that Maqsood has troubled him (Kishan) too. Ali feels annoyed and insults Maqsood. Maqsood regrets and decides to help Ali. Vikram injures Ali’s hand, everyone feels worried and starts praying. Ali comes back to the final event with an injured hand which is recovering currently. Bade Bhai comes in the match to see and Danger Bhai joins Vikram. Maqsood insults and tells Vikram that Vikram can injure Ali’s hand but not his courage and goal and Maqsood becomes the new caddy. Ali gets inspired by his mother, who insults Danger Bhai and Bade Bhai who were trying to insult Ali. Ali then during the match gains his confidence back, removes plaster-bandage and plays perfectly. When Maqsood asks Ali what he’s going to do, Ali tells that he’s going to “hit a six like in cricket”. Ali executes a great shot flying above the tree and into the hole and Ali wins. Vikram accepts his defeat and lets him go. Bade Bhai praises Ali and cancels all illegal business and Ali celebrates his victory with his friends and his lover Megha.


Nawazuddin Siddiqui as Ali
Arbaaz Khan as Maqsood
Amy Jackson as Megha
Jas Arora as Vikram Rathore
Fazal Saeed
Salman Khan as Chulbul Bhaiya (Cameo Appearance)
Seema Biswas as Sulbha
Nikitin Dheer as Sohail Khan a.k.a. Danger Bhai
Asif Basra as Kishan Lal
Jackie Shroff as Bade Bhai (Cameo Appearance)
Karishma Kotak as Aditi
Paresh Ganatra as Danger Bhai’s assistant
Alam Khan
Johnny Lever


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