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Jayantabhai Ki Luv Story Dvd

Simran, an engineering graduate, struggles to settle in Mumbai and lands into a hostile neighbourhood. Jayantabhai, a small-time gangster, helps and falls in love with her but her father disapproves.

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Jayantabhai Ki Luv Story (transl. Jayantabhai’s love story) is a 2013 Indian Hindi crime romantic comedy film directed by Vinnil Markan, and produced by Kumar Taurani under Tips Music Films. The film stars Vivek Oberoi opposite Neha Sharma in lead roles. The theatrical trailer unveiled on 11 January 2013, whilst the film released on 14 February 2013. The film is a remake of 2010 South Korean film My Gangster Lover which was later remade in Tamil in 2016 as Kadhalum Kadandhu Pogum.


The film begins with a prologue of Mumbai and how the city transforms the lives of people. Simran Desai (Neha Sharma) is an engineering graduate who leaves for Mumbai to pursue a career in the IT sector, under the only support of her father. She soon joins an IT company and becomes well settled in life. Things take a toll when the company she works for shuts down suddenly five months later, she faces financial hardship and is forced to move into a low-cost housing colony while searching for a new job. Her neighbour is Abhimanyu, aka Jayantabhai (Vivek Oberoi). Simran comes to know that Jayanta Bhai is a gangster who works for a don Althaf Bhai (Zakir Hussain). His only aim in life is to own a bar of his own. He had just been released from prison after serving a five-year sentence for taking the blame for a crime he did not commit on the orders of the don. Jayanta did the deed on the promise that his status within the don’s gang will be elevated once he is released, but the promise was reneged. Though Simran is initially disdainful of Jayanta’s roguish behavior, she gradually warms up to him after he takes her to a hospital all the way on his back when she overdoses of vitamin supplements and passes out in her room. Realizing Jayanta’s friendly, caring and humorous nature despite his gangster background, she begins to develop romantic affections for him. Their relationship nurtures to the point that they end up getting intimate one day while drunk.

Facing pressure from her father over her career and wedding, Simran introduces Jayanta to him as her boyfriend who is a successful manager in an IT firm. Her father decides to fix their marriage but changes his mind after seeing Jayanta thrashing a man at a party, realising that he is a rowdy. He bars Simran from returning to Mumbai, even forbidding her to attend an important job interview. Meanwhile, Jayanta starts a gang war by beating up the henchmen of a rival gangster Alex Pandian (Nassar), who is a former police officer. Althaf Bhai decides that Jayanta should murder Alex. After ensuring that Simran attends her interview, Jayanta proceeds with the plan to murder Alex. Jayanta succeeds in killing Alex, but gets stabbed with a rebar and is left to bleed to death.

Two years later, Simran has become a director in her company and has moved out of the housing colony. She constantly thinks about Jayanta, whom she had never seen again after her interview. Simran yearns to show Jayanta her new life, knowing that he is the one person who will be happier than even herself in her having achieved her dreams. She soon finds Jayanta working at a petrol bunk, having survived his murder attempt and abandoned his rowdy past. The two embrace each other and reunite, starting a new life together.


Vivek Oberoi as Abhimanyu a.k.a. Jayanta Bhai a.k.a Padosee (Neighbour)
Neha Sharma as Simran Desai a.k.a. Bhadotri (Tenant)
Nassar as Alex Pandian
Zakir Hussain as Altaf Bhai
Raj Singh Arora as Kunal (Kunu)
Rahul Singh as Datta
Falguni Rajani as Bar girl


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