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Jigariyaa Dvd

A man who wastes his time falls for a well educated young woman. As the couple fall in love, circumstances force them apart.

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Jigariyaa (transl. Heartfelt) is a Bollywood romantic film. The film is directed by Raj Purohit introducing Harshvardhan Deo and Cherry Mardia in lead roles. The first look of the film was unveiled by Rohit Shetty in Mumbai on 26 August 2014. The film is inspired by true events released on 10 October 2014.


Inspired from true events, Jigariyaa tells the story of Shyamlal Gupta (Shaamu) and Radhika Sharma (Raadha). Shaamu, the only son of halwaai Ramlal Gupta is a happy go lucky boy based in Agra. He spends his days writing sheyr-o-shayari admired by his motley group of good-for-nothing friends. Radhika, the only daughter of Pandit Shankar Dayal Sharma is a well-educated and caring girl who helps her father in his endeavours as a social do gooder and a man of high reputation in Mathura. Shaamu falls in love with Raadha at first sight, who is visiting her Nani’s house in Agra, thus begins his quest to find this elusive girl in the streets of Agra. As they grow fond and close to each other, the destiny takes another turn and the two lovers break apart.


Harshvardhan Deo as Shaamu
Cherry Mardia as Raadha
Virendra Saxena as Shaamu’s father
K. K. Raina as Raadha’s father
Navni Parihar as Raadha’s mother
Natasha Rastogi as Shaamu’s mother
Vineeta Malik as Raadha’s maternal grandmother
Deepak Chadha as Raadha’s maternal uncle
Ketan Singh
Sneha Deori


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