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Kajarya Dvd

Kajarya kills unwanted girl infants under the guise of religious sacrifice in her village. When a reporter discovers the town’s dark secret, the villagers turn on Kajarya and portray her as a monster.

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Kajarya is a 2015 Indian Bollywood docudrama film directed by Madhureeta Anand. Kajarya explores the issue of female infanticide, and was released commercially in India on 4 December 2015 to rave reviews and good audience reception. The film is co-produced by Bengali director Qaushiq Mukherjee popularly known as Q, Starfire movies and Madhureeta Anand’s company Ekaa Films. The film is shot in Haryana.

It is a feature film that deals with the pertinent topic of sex selection in India. It is a thriller about two women – The first is Kajarya played by Meena Hooda, a woman who lives in the village and has the job of killing babies and the other is an opportunistic journalist from New Delhi played by Ridhima Sud.


Meenu Hooda as Kajarya
Ridhima Sud as Meera
Nasir Ali as Sub-Inspector
Manoj Bakshi as Police Inspector
Shashi Bhushan as Shambhu
Sudheer Chobessy as Girdhari
Tanaji Dasgupta as Priest’s Assistant
Priyankar Tanwar Isha as Lady Constable
Shakeel Qureshi as Priest
Savita Rani as Uma
Kuldeep Ruhil as Banwari
Raj Shree as Meera’s Mother
Kamal Vinayak as Meera’s Father
Sumeet Vyas as Nikhil


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