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The Silent Heroes Dvd

Thirteen school children, who are hard of hearing, set out on a quest to scale the Himalayas with their teacher. However, the trek leader doesn’t think that the children can complete the mission.


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The Silent Heroes (Hindi:द साइलेंट हीरोज़ ) is a 2015 open captioned adventure drama that was directed by Mahesh Bhatt, based on a screenplay by Dr. Piyoosh Rautela and Rituraj Bhatt. The film was released on 11 December 2015 at the Dehradun Film Festival, to coincide with World Deaf Day, and has been billed as the “first commercial movie based on deaf children and enacted by real life deaf kids”. It follows the adventures of thirteen deaf children and their perilous journey across the mountainous terrains of Uttarakhand.

The film is supported by National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) and Disaster Management and Mitigation Centre (DMMC).


The film follows a group of disabled children who set out to conquer the Himalayan mountains with their teacher. The children believe that through mountaineering, they can conquer not just their fears, but their disabilities as well. They are determined to prove that although they may be challenged, they are not disabled. However their trek leader doesn’t believe this, as she believes them to be as capable or equal as hearing children, and actively tries to discourage them from continuing on throughout the course of the trek. When the leader is wounded and unable to proceed any further, the children fear that this will mean the end of their trip and their dreams of scaling the peaks and proving their worth to the world. Eventually, the children show tremendous mettle and skills in spite of the odds they face.


Tarun Bhargawa as Tarun
Gurfareen Bano as Gurfareen
Khwaish Gupta as Khwaish
Aashish Chauhan as Aashish
Jaideep Rawat as Jaideep
Mann Bagga as Dipankar
Simran Kaur as Hima
Maanuv Bharadwaj as Kapil
Priyanka Panchal as Gauri
Nirmal Pant as Col. Thapa


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