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Killian & the Comeback Kids Dvd

Forced to return to his struggling hometown after an expensive college degree, Killian gathers former childhood friends to audition for a music festival coming to their once prosperous


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Killian & the Comeback Kids is a 2020 American folk-rock musical film written and directed by Taylor A. Purdee. The film stars Purdee, John Donchak, Nathan Purdee, and Kassie DePaiva along with an ensemble cast that features Maddi Jane and Lee Grant. Killian & the Comeback Kids follows a mixed-race musician who finds himself back in his struggling rural hometown after graduating from an expensive university.


Killian returns home after his college graduation before heading off on a modest musical tour with his bandmate Ben. When Ben abandons their plan in favor of a stable A & R job Killian finds himself stuck in the once prosperous Pennsylvania steel-town. When it’s announced that the major music festival that comes to town every summer is finally open to local acts, Killian gathers a group of former childhood friends and acquaintances, all of whom have returned home after college degrees, in an attempt to win the gig. Elements of the film are based on the real life withdrawal of Bethlehem Steel and creation of Musikfest in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.


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