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Line of Descent Dvd

Three brothers from a Delhi crime family fight over their father’s estate. Meanwhile, an undercover police officer attempts to end the family’s legacy, and an arms dealer conspires with the brothers.

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Line of Descent (previously known as The Field) is a 2019 crime film written and directed by debutant Rohit Karn Batra and starring Ronit Roy, Brendan Fraser, Abhay Deol, Prem Chopra, Neeraj Kabi, and Ali Haji. The plot revolves around three sons of a mafia patriarch who fight over the future of their crime family. The film was relesed on 4 December 2019, it had a simultaneous release in theaters and Video on demand in United states while in India it was released on ZEE5.


The story is set against the backdrop of Delhi where a dysfunctional mafia family is at war with each other. Meanwhile, an undercover officer along with his team attempts to bring about their downfall.


Ronit Roy as Prithvi Sinha, the leader of his mafia family
Brendan Fraser as Charlie ‘Charu’ Jolpin, an undercover cop brings the mafia family toward their downfall
Abhay Deol as Officer Raghav, an officer who wants to bring the Sinha mafia family down
Prem Chopra as Bharat Sinha, the father of Prithvi and Siddharth
Neeraj Kabi as Siddharth Sinha, Prithvi’s middle brother, who secretly wants to get rid of Prithvi and his family
Gopal Dutt as Arun, an undercover cop working with Charu
Ali Haji as Suraj Sinha, Prithvi’s youngest brother
Shiben Mohanty as young Bharat Sinha
Anisha Angelina Victor as Seema, Suraj’s girlfriend
Jagen Mohanty as young Prithvi
Charlotte Poutrel as Racheal, Siddharth’s girlfriend and accomplice
Harshad Kumar as an Undercover Officer
Dev Bhagtani as a spoiled brat


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