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Maazii Dvd

Tarun’s idyllic life with his wife and daughter is ruined after he saves a troubled woman. He attains momentary fame that has disastrous consequences.

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Maazii (transl. Past) is an Indian bollywood film., directed by Jaideep Chopra and produced by Jaideep Chopra & Narendra Singh. The title Maazii is an Urdu word meaning “the past”.


Maazii is essentially a thriller that travels from the hills of Mussoorie to the plains of western UP. It is a story about a couple Tarun (Sumit Nijhawan) and Shrishti (Mona Wasu) who have a near perfect relationship. However, by a twist of fate, an unfortunate accident occurs which brings Tarun’s life into the limelight and turns him into a hero overnight. The events that follow not only shatter the peaceful life of the family but also put them in grave danger. But when his daughter, Minal (Saanvi Sharma) is kidnapped at the hands of an unknown assailant, Tarun will stop at nothing to get her back safely. He must now return to his roots and find out who is wreaking havoc in his life and what is the motive behind it.


Sumeet Nijhawan as Tarun Singh
Mona Wasu as Shrishti Singh
Manish Chaudhary as Gulab Singh
Pankaj Tripathi as Satinder Rathi
Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub as Ashfaq
Manav Kaushik as Satinder Bhati
Zakir Hussain as Mahinder Singh
Mukesh Rishi as Malhaan Singh
Ashok Banthia as Satbeer Singh
Devender Chaudhary as Rajinder Chaudhary
Mohit Chauhan as Sushil Jain
Pooja Bisht as Shanno
Saanvi Sharma as Minal
Vansh Chopra as Young Tarun


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