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Manav Hatya Dvd

The film revolves around the curse placed on the Singh family by the demon Samri, which now affects Suman. She is in love with Sanjay and sets out for Bijapur to lift the curse.


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Manav Hatya is a Hindi feature film starring Shekhar Suman, Madhuri Dixit, Sunil Thapa, Gulshan Grover, Sharat Saxena, Dr.Sriram Lagoo, Arvind Deshpande among others. The film was produced by Sarwan Singh Rehal & directed by Sudarshan Rattan. Manav Hatya didn’t get a theatrical release and was ultimately shown on channels like Zee TV.


Shekhar Suman as Varun Shourie, Editor
Madhuri Dixit as Rama
Gulshan Grover
Arvind Deshpande as Ramkrishna
Sharat Saxena as Police Inspector Joseph
Rajesh Puri as Muthuswamy,assistant to Varun
Tom Alter
Sudhir Dalvi as Minister Baakelal
Praveen Kumar
Sunil Thapa as Police Constable Bajirao Kale
Sudha Chopra


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