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Naseeb Dvd

When Pooja’s father disapproves of her relation with Krishna, a humble man, he vows to become wealthy and returns to find that she is already married.

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Naseeb is a 1997 Indian Hindi drama film directed by Kirti Kumar and produced by Vinay Kumar Sinha. It stars Govinda and Mamta Kulkarni. The movie was a flop at the box office. But over the years movie gained ‘Cult’ status and highly remembered for its dialogues & performances..


The film starts with an inebriated Krishna Prasad (Govinda) who is attempting to commit suicide, but is interrupted by Master Chaban (Kader Khan) who stops him. Krishna befriends Chaban and helps him with his business. Deepak Bajaj (Rahul Roy) comes in for a job interview with Krishna’s company and is hired.

One day Deepak’s car has a problem, and Krishna takes him to his home where he sees Pooja (Mamta Kulkarni), wife of Deepak. In a flashback it is revealed that Krishna is a car mechanic and Pooja is going to a party with her friends. Her car has a problem and Krishna fixes it. Pooja then takes Krishna home. The two keep in touch, and eventually fall in love. Pooja’s father, Din Dayal (Ajit Vachhani), meets Krishna and offers him money so he can open his factory. However, Krishna refuses, and decides that he will only marry Pooja when he has become a successful businessman. During this time he writes to Pooja telling her to forget him. Pooja is heartbroken. When Krishna returns, he is also heartbroken to see Pooja has married another man. On Krishna’s birthday, Deepak and Pooja are invited to his party. Pooja is surprised to see Krishna’s mansion, since it has every feature that she wanted and she had told to Krishna. Deepak and Pooja meet Krishna, and while everyone is dancing Krishna tries to kiss Pooja. This enrages Deepak who slaps Krishna. Krishna then apologizes to Pooja. Deepak insults Krishna, who gets enraged and fights with Deepak and gets him arrested on charges of embezzling money.

Deepak’s father begs Krishna to release Deepak, but Krishna tells him that he wants Pooja in return. This infuriates Deepak’s father. Pooja thinks that Krishna wants to sleep with her, but Krishna slaps her and tells her that he only loves her and he did all this just so that she can understand his feelings.

Krishna releases Deepak who kicks Pooja out of his house. Master Chaban then takes her to his house. Chaban goes to Dharamdas and learns that he burnt the second letter. Chaban goes to Krishna, who takes Pooja to Deepak and tells him how much Pooja loves Deepak, but Deepak rejects the story. Krishna commits suicide.


Govinda as Krishna Prasad
Mamta Kulkarni as Pooja Dayal
Saeed Jaffrey as Dharamdas Bajaj
Ajit Vachani as Din Dayal
Beena Banerjee as Mrs. Din Dayal
Shakti Kapoor as Lalli
Dinesh Hingoo as Lallis friend
Kader Khan as Master Chaban
Rahul Roy as Deepak Bajaj
Sudha Chandran


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