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NH10 Dvd

While on a road trip, Meera and Arjun witness an honour killing committed by a powerful gangster, Satbir. However, the latter soon starts pursuing the couple to eliminate them.


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NH10 is a 2015 Indian Hindi-language thriller film directed by Navdeep Singh and written by Sudip Sharma. It stars Anushka Sharma, Neil Bhoopalam, Darshan Kumar, Deepti Naval and Ravi Jhankal. NH10 was jointly produced by Clean Slate Filmz, Phantom Films, Eros International and marked the production debut of Sharma. It tells the story of a young couple whose road trip goes awry after an encounter with a group of violent criminals. The title refers to the National Highway 10 that connects Delhi to the town of Fazilka in Punjab.

The film was conceived by Singh and written by Sudip Sharma, who were inspired by some real-life honour killing murder cases. The soundtrack album was composed by Sanjeev-Darshan, Bann Chakraborty, Abhiruchi Chand, Ayush Shrestha, Savera Mehta and Samira Koppikar. Arbind Kannabiran served as the film’s cinematographer and Jabeen Merchant was its editor.

NH10 was originally scheduled for release on 6 March 2015, but was postponed because it had not been cleared by the Indian Central Board of Film Certification. It was released theatrically on 13 March 2015 to positive critical acclaim. The film went on to become a sleeper hit, earning over ₹32 crore (US$4.5 million) nett at the box office. As of June 2018 it was being remade in Tamil as Garjanai.


Meera and Arjun have corporate jobs in Gurgaon. One night, they are enjoying a party when Meera receives a telephone call from her office. She leaves for her office but is attacked by thugs who smash her car’s window. Meera escapes but is shaken by the incident; Arjun buys Meera a gun. Arjun suggests a road trip for Meera’s upcoming birthday; the couple start their journey the next day. While stopping at a roadside dhaba for lunch, a young woman called Pinky arrives and pleads for help; Pinky tells the couple she and her husband are about to be murdered. Meera and Arjun see a gang of men round up Pinky and a young man, beat them and drag them into their vehicle. Arjun intervenes but Satbir, the gang leader, slaps him and tells him Pinky is his own sister. Arjun drives after the gang; he and Meera witness the ongoing honour killing: Pinky and the young man are beaten and Pinky poisoned by Satbir. Arjun and Meera escape but the gang finds them. As the gang dig a grave for their victims, Satbir uses Meera and Arjun’s gun to shoot Pinky and the man in front of them. A fight ensues and Arjun shoots a gang member named Chhote, and runs away with Meera.

At night, one of the gang members injures Arjun; Meera shoots the gangster dead. At a railway bridge, Meera leaves Arjun to get help. She finds a police station and asks the officer to help but he rejects her when she says she has witnessed an honour killing. Outside, she meets an Inspector in his SUV and they drive back to find Arjun. Meera then realises the Inspector is connected with the attackers; she kills the inspector and drives off in his car, chased by the gang. Meera overturns the SUV and finds a hut. The hut’s occupants hide Meera from a gang member who comes asking about her; they advise Meera seek help from the sarpanch (chief) of a nearby village.

Meera tells the village’s chief Ammaji her story; after telling her of the honour killing, Meera sees a pillow cover with the word Pinky stitched on it on Ammaji’s lap and a photograph of Pinky in the room. Ammaji locks Meera in the room, calls the gang and hands Meera over to them. They drag her out and beat her. Meera escapes with the gang’s SUV and rushes to the railway bridge where she finds Arjun has been murdered.

Grief-stricken, Meera returns to the village to avenge Arjun’s death; she drives the SUV at the gang members and kills them. Ammaji arrives, finds the dead men; she tells Meera Pinky was her daughter who broke rules and needed to be punished. Meera leaves the village as dawn breaks.


Anushka Sharma as Meera
Neil Bhoopalam as Arjun
Darshan Kumar as Satbir
Deepti Naval as Ammaji
Kanchan Sharma as Pinky
Ravi Jhankal as Fauji
Sushil Tyagi as Police Inspector
Ravi Beniwal as Chhote


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