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Poster Boys Dvd

Three men land in a mess when their pictures get published in a vasectomy advertisement. They rebel against the system after their friends and relatives humiliate them.

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Poster Boys is a 2017 Indian Hindi-language comedy film co-produced and directed by Shreyas Talpade making his directorial debut. The film features Sunny Deol, Bobby Deol, Shreyas Talpade himself in lead roles along with Sonali Kulkarni and Samiksha Bhatnagar. The film is an official remake of the Marathi film Poshter Boyz which Shreyas had produced and acted in. It is inspired by a real-life incident about three porters who found their pictures on a vasectomy poster. Produced by Sony Pictures Networks Productions, Sunny Sounds Pvt. Ltd. and Affluence Movie Pvt. Ltd., Poster Boys is released on 8 September 2017.


Three men meet their bad luck for an unknown reason. Arjun Singh (Shreyas Talpade) proposes to his girlfriend Riya but is rejected by her father for “he can’t get his daughter married to such a person”, leaving Arjun frustrated and upset. Jaagavar Chaudhary (Sunny Deol) is preparing his younger sister Anjali’s engagement ceremony when he’s told that the fiance and his family changes their mind of engaging with Anjali for “they cannot accept the alliance with such a shameful family”. Vinay Sharma (Bobby Deol) is a primary teacher whose wife Suraj (Samiksha Bhatnagar) suddenly leaves him and asks for divorce for she cannot forgive his “irresponsible deeds”.

The three confused and upset men one day coincidentally meet somewhere that has a poster of their photos of promoting vasectomy. They come to know that this poster is the reason they are defamed as none of them had that operation and their photos were used without their permission. They decide to find out who is behind it and solve it.

They later find that two government employees from the Health Department, the organizer of that promotion, are responsible for the incident. They find the two employees and ask them to remove all the posters in the city with their unauthorized photos and make a public apology and demand compensation. The two agree but request time to do that.

During the given days, the two don’t try to fulfill their promise, but instead ask their senior to help, and their senior, the Health Minister (Murali Sharma) does not try to solve it but to cover it up. At the deadline date, the three can’t find the two government employees to fulfill their promise so they turn to their superior for help, who refuses to meet them. The three desperate men then decide to sue the Health Department.

They fail the case because the Health Department use a lot of fake evidence including faked documents showing that they willingly finished the operation and asked to post their photos. But the incident goes viral with help of a local reporter (Raashul Tandon) and they are gaining people’s support.

During a press conference suggested by the same reporter, angered Arjun announces that they will protest naked if the authority don’t give them justice, drawing attention of greater public to this incident.

They start their naked protest at the promised day with only underpants, and people supporting them also uploaded videos of them naked supporting the three’s request. The incident finally reaches the Chief Minister, who rushes to the scene to control the situation. The Chief Minister, knowing all the truth behind it, announces that the three are innocent and the Health Department is responsible for the incident and the government will give them compensation.

Riya’s father, convinced of Arjun’s innocence and moved by his courage, agrees his proposal; Anjali’s fiance agrees too the propose of their family; Vinay’s wife returns to him too.


Sunny Deol as Jaagavar Chaudhary
Bobby Deol as Vinay Sharma
Shreyas Talpade as Arjun Singh
Ajeet Singh as Murari Arjun’s Friend
Samiksha Bhatnagar as Suraj Mukhi (Vinay’ wife)
Tripti Dimri as Riya (Arjun’s girlfriend)
Sonali Kulkarni as Sunita (Jaagavar’ wife)
Lovely Singh as Anjali (Jaagavar’s sister)
Ashwini Kalsekar as Lady Doctor
Purnima Varma as Aashtha (School Teacher)
Farhana Fatema as Rekha Madam (Technical Director)
Ajay Devgan special appearance
Arshad Warsi special appearance
Tusshar Kapoor special appearance
Kunal Khemu special appearance
Parineeti Chopra special appearance
Rohit Shetty special appearance
Randheer Rai as Anuj Chaudhary
Dharmendra as Amol Chaudhary Sharma (Cameo Appearance)
Raashul Tandon as Reporter
Dilip Prabhavalkar as old man
Bharti Achrekar as Amma
Sachin Khedekar as Chief Minister
Murali Sharma as Health Minister
Jitendra Joshi as photographer
Elli Avram in an item song “Kudiya Shehar Di”


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