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Purani Jeans Dvd

Sam and Sid, two long-time best friends, fall in love with the same woman, Nayantara. What follows is a tragedy with Sam, for which Sid blames himself.

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Purani Jeans (transl. Old jeans) is a 2014 Indian Hindi-language coming-of-age drama film directed by Tanushri Chattrji Bassu. The film stars Tanuj Virwani, Aditya Seal and Izabelle Leite. It tells the story of young boy who returns to his hometown and reconnects with his old friends. The soundtrack was composed by Ram Sampath. The first look of the film was revealed on 8 March 2014, ahead of film’s release on 2 May 2014.


As an adult, Sid’s mother dies. He collects his lost bag at an airport where a girl from a publication house tells him that she read his diary and he is quite a writer which revives some old memories for him. He then goes to India to sell his mother’s cottage in Kasauli. Sid finds himself looking back at a past that haunted him for years.

In a flashback, all 4 self-proclaimed cowboys execute the plans to welcome their hero Sam (Aditya Seal). They then go to the station to welcome him, where Sid (Tanuj Virwani) run into Nayantara (Izabelle Leite). Then feeling sorry for themselves they begin to make their way home when they are struck by a black car. After chasing the car it is revealed that it is Sam. He apologises to Zizo and promises to fix his father’s car.

They begin their fun by partying, throwing eggs at everyone’s house. Sam’s relationship with Sid’s mom is very strong. Sam’s father left him when he was six and in shock of it, his mother became an alcoholic and remarried.

After a few days, Sid runs into Nayantara in a music store; he begins to fall for her. Sam meets and falls for Nayantara in a club with her sister. Also Bobby is shown dancing with her sister.

The flashbacks eventually lead to revealing that Sam committed suicide for which Sid thinks of himself as the cause. Sam’s death was due to his troubled past and his relationship with his mother, not because of his best friend Sid. Upon finding this out, Sid and Nayantara reunite.

There is a reunion between the remaining cowboys as they remember the past and the cherished moments they spent with each other and with their friend Sam, because if Sam were alive, that is exactly what he would’ve done as some friendships last forever.


Tanuj Virwani as Sidharth Ray “Sid”
Aditya Seal as Samuel Joseph Lawrence “Sam”
Izabelle Leite as Nayantara Sapru
Param Baidwaan as Bal Singh Shekawat “Bobby”
Raghav Raj Kakker as Susheel Sharma “Suzy”
Kashyap kapoor as Tejinder Singh Kathuria “Tino”
Sarika as Sherry Lawrence (Sam’s Mother)
Rati Agnihotri as Monica Ray,Siddarth’s Mother
Swati Pansare as Susheel’s Mother
Manoj Pahwa
Rajit Kapur as Abhijeet, Sam’s step-father
Kamini Kaushal
Kashika Chopra as Ayesha


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