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Rahasya Dvd

When Dr Sachin Mahajan is accused of killing Ayesha, his own daughter, all the evidence is against him. However, CBI Officer Paraskar starts a fresh investigation which leads him to disturbing truths.


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Rahasya (transl. Mystery) is a 2015 Indian murder mystery film which is directed by Manish Gupta. The film stars Kay Kay Menon, Tisca Chopra, Ashish Vidyarthi, Mita Vashisht and Ashwini Kalsekar. The film is inspired by the 2008 Noida double murder case, which was met with some criticism by Rajesh and Nupur Talwar. The film was released on 30 January 2015 to positive reviews.


Remy Fernandes (Ashwini Kalsekar), a house maid, is seen praying in the servant quarters of Dr Sachin Mahajan’s (Ashish Vidyarthi) plush duplex flat in Mumbai. Carrying a cup of tea, Remy knocks on the room door of Ayesha, the 18-year-old daughter of Dr Sachin. With no response, Remy enters the room to find Ayesha’s dead body on the bed. Horrified, she screams and calls for Dr Sachin and the police. Sachin says he doesn’t remember a thing from the previous night as he was drunk. Ayesha’s mother, Dr Aarti returns from Pune and is shocked by the news. Remy tells the police that the family’s other servant, Chetan, has also been missing since Ayesha’s murder. It is also revealed that Ayesha was pregnant and had a boyfriend named Riyaz. Evidence from the early stages of the investigation lead the detectives to believe that Dr Sachin is the prime suspect, and he is thus taken under judicial custody. The case goes to CBI and Officer Sunil Paraskar (Kay Kay Menon) takes charge. Not convinced with the evidence, he begins a fresh investigation.

He soon discovers that Sachin is having an extra-marital affair with Brinda (Mita Vashisht), a former actress who is married to Sachin’s colleague, Dr Hansal. Hansal is aware of the relationship and the couples frequent stays in a five-star hotel. Once, while following Sachin and Brinda, he spots Ayesha and Riaz in the same hotel. Sachin also sees his daughter and warns Ayesha to break up with Riyaz. The two separate but Riyaz continues to sneak into Ayesha’s house when her parents are away. Hansal, who lives in the building right across the Mahajans’, sees Riyaz enter the house one night, and deliberately calls Sachin to inform him. In a drunk state, and unable to control his anger, Sachin attacks Riyaz with a surgical knife, injuring him on the arm. In a bid to save Riyaz, Ayesha hits her father on the head and he falls unconscious. Panicked, the two drag Sachin to his room and put him to bed. Riyaz leaves and Ayesha goes to sleep.

Paraskar is thus convinced that Sachin is not the killer. Brinda hires a prominent lawyer, who succeeds in getting Sachin out on bail. After the trial, Sachin tells Aarti that he wants a divorce, and afterwards he books into a hotel with Brinda. Paraskar hunts down Riyaz, who has been hiding since the murder. During the interrogation, Paraskar and Riyaz are attacked and Riyaz is later found dead. Paraskar also discovers missing servant Chetan’s dead body in the Mahajan house, adding to the mystery. Soon after, Chetan’s relative Sudhakar Mishra is killed as well. Paraskar then interrogates Remy, and it is revealed that she had previously given birth, contrary to her earlier claims of never having been in a relationship. He meets her mother, who points out to a picture of a younger Remy, and the pieces finally fall in place, ending the investigation.

At the hotel, Sachin’s dead body is found and the local police conclude that he committed suicide due to the guilt from the case. However, Paraskar is not convinced and summons Aarti, Remy, Brinda, Hansal, Riyaz’s parents and local police officers to the Mahajan house, where Ayesha was killed. He reveals that Ayesha was not the biological child of Aarti but was instead the daughter of Remy. Remy and Sachin had an affair when they were younger, but class differences did not allow Sachin to marry her, so he married Aarti instead. However, Aarti is infertile so the couple decided to adopt a child. Sachin pretends to adopt a child, bringing home his daughter with Remy. He also hires Remy as a full-time maid and nanny. As Ayesha begins to grow, Aarti notices the striking similarity between her daughter and Remy, and realises the truth. As revenge, she plots to frame her husband when she gets the opportunity. Paraskar reveals that Aarti had returned the night Aayesha died and not the next day as she had claimed. She was the one who killed Ayesha and later killed Chetan as well, since he had seen her walking out of Aayesha’s room covered in blood. To complete her revenge, Aarti then visits Sachin under the guise of serving him divorce papers, and kills him. Finally, Paraskar reveals that Riyaz and Sudhakar Mishra were killed by a corrupt local policeman, who was being bribed by Aarti. As Aarti is being arrested, she smirks at a distraught Remy, happy with the fact that she has killed her child and lover.


Kay Kay Menon as C.B.I. Officer Sunil Paraskar
Ashish Vidyarthi as Dr. Sachin Mahajan
Tisca Chopra as Dr. Aarti Mahajan
Bikramjeet Kanwarpal as Dr. Hansal Chhabria
Mita Vashisht as Brinda Chhabria
Kunal Sharma as Riyaz Noorani
Ashwini Kalsekar as Remi Fernandes
Nimai Bali as Police Inspector Santosh Malvade
Sakshi Sem as Ayesha Mahajan
Abhinav Sharma as Parvez
Ashish Wadde as I C I C I Bank official
Shiv Subramaniam as Hyder Noorani, Riyaz’s father
Farida Dadi as Gulab Noorani, Riyaz’s mother
Usha Jadhav as Asha
Nasir Abdullah as Raman Ajwani, Sachin’s advocate
Murari Kumar as Chhotelal
Bachchan Pachera as Sudhakar Mishra
Manoj Maurya as Chetan Tiwari
Ramesh Deo as Sachin’s father
Madhu Raja as Sachin’s mother
Atmaram Bhende as Aarti’s father
Bharti H. Shah as Aarti’s mother
Sujata Thakkar as Smita Kelkar
Alorika Chatterjee as Lata Shah
Prema Mahadev as Mabel
Ajay Mehra as coroner
Vinit Kakar as Inspector Dabbang


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