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Sallu Ki Shaadi Dvd

The mother of a diehard fan of Salman, finds herself in a fix when she decides to honour her late husband’s wish to get her son married as opposed to the son’s resolution to stay single like his idol.


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Sallu ki Shaadi (transl. Sallu’s Wedding) is an Indian Hindi-language romantic action film directed by Mohammad Israr Ansari. The film stars Kashyap Barbhaya, Arshin Mehta, Zeenat Aman and Asrani with Razak Khan and Kiran Kumar in supporting roles. The official trailer was released on 20 November 2017. Dedicated to Salman Khan, Sallu ki Shaadi was released in 8 December 2017.


Zeenat and Shahnawaz meet each other at a film theatre in 1989, during a screening of Salman Khan’s Maine Pyar Kiya, and fall in love. They marry, and everything was going well for the couple and their children Sallu and Ilmi until Shahnawaz loses his life to cancer one day.

Twenty years later, Zeenat wants to honour Shahnawaz’s final wish, which is to find a suitable girl for their son Sallu and get him hitched. The only problem is that Sallu is a die-hard fan of his namesake and has resolved that he will remain a bachelor for as long as his idol does.


Kashyap Barbhaya as Sallu
Zeenat Aman as Sallu’s Mother
Kiran Kumar as Sallu’s Father
Razzak Khan
Arvind Kumar
Arshin Mehta
Ravi Pandey
Ranjana Khatiwada
Gauhar Khan
Sandeep Aanand
Sandeep Singh Bhadouria
Vivek Modi as Guilty Man


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