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Shastra Dvd

Vijay is unhappy with the court’s verdict for his parents’ killer, causing him to investigate their case again. Much to his shock, the wrong man has been convicted. He must now find the real killer.


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Shastra is a 1996 Indian Hindi-language action film directed by Sanjay Khanna. The film stars Sunil Shetty and Anjali Jathar. The film achieved moderate success at the box office.


Vijay (Sunil Shetty) sole ambition is to become a collector like his father was. He is concentrating completely on his studies except for a few disturbances by Pooja (Anjali Jathar) who loves him and wants to marry him. Vijay always believed that his parents were in fact murdered and not killed in an accident, by their old faithful security officer Babu (Danny Denzongpa). Vijay starts searching for Babu, and finally when he finds him, Babu tells him that he was merely used as a pawn to cover up his parent’s murder and the actual killer is roaming scot free, and only one man can lead Vijay to the killer and that is Girdhari (Lalit Tiwari) in Khandala. But before Vijay can find the truth, Girdhari is killed. Vijay and Babu start working in a casino owned by Shanti Prasad (Anupam Kher). There the local don Rana (Mohan Joshi) becomes their enemy, who is after Shanti Prasad’s casino and Vijay’s life. Finally when Vijay decides to leave Khandala, he comes to know of the actual murderers. Vijay loses Babu in the fight. Now, Vijay is all alone to fight with his enemies. Eventually, he managed to track down the killer of his parents.


Sunil Shetty as Vijay
Anjali Jathar as Pooja
Danny Denzongpa as Babu
Dinesh Hingoo as Principal Badra
Anupam Kher as Shanti Prasad
Kunika as Sonia
Mukesh Rishi as Baadshah Khan
Farida Jalal as Aunty
Avtar Gill as Commissioner of Police
Mushtaq Khan as Prem
Gavin Packard as College Punk
Achyut Potdar as Vijay’s Guardian
Jack Gaud as Sonia’s Brother
Ali Asgar as Vijay’s Friend
Lalit Tiwari as Girdhari
Mohan Joshi as Rana, the main antagonist


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