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Singh Saab the Great Dvd

Singh Saab is a responsible tax collector who believes in honesty, but Bhoodev, a conniving man, plots against him. Singh adopts a unique way to teach Bhoodev a lesson.

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Singh Saab the Great is a 2013 Indian Hindi-language action drama film directed by Anil Sharma. The film stars Sunny Deol, Amrita Rao, Urvashi Rautela and Prakash Raj as main characters. The film marks the return of Sunny Deol to action genre after a long time. Also, Deol and Sharma paired up once again after Gadar: Ek Prem Katha. The film narrates the story of a man who decides to teach a lesson to the man, who ruined his life, by reforming him. The film’s story and screenplay has been written by Shaktimaan Talwar, and the action sequences have been directed by Tinu Verna and Kanal Kannan. The music has been provided by Anand Raj Anand and Sonu Nigam. Amisha Patel was supposed to play the lead role but backed out due to ever changing schedules. The film released officially on 22 November 2013.


A common man works as a tax collector in a small city. A TV journalist uncovers the mysterious hero’s back story. It starts in a small village named Chironji, with a small argument about food issues in a village caused by a local goon named Jatta Singh (Shabaz Khan)when Singh Saab (Sunny Deol) makes his grand entry. Singh Saab is an honest, noble and loyal man. Above all else, he lives his life on honest principles and that makes him a messiah of common people. and he came with the offer from his movement named People’s Beat, which is for a noble cause, approached to Jatta Singh to let the goods from his factories to be used for a good cause. This enrages Jatta Singh and attacks on Singh Saab. He denies to hit back to honour the day, which was 2 October, Non- Violence Day. But things got messy, and Singh Saab and Jatta have a Duo.

Then they get several invitations, which of one from Bhadhori, upsets him, and a TV reporter named Shikha Chuturvadi (Amrita Rao) approached to him and believes that he is living a noble life as a hoax. Then he was shaken and decided to tell her about the story of his life revolving around the name Bhadhori. It flashes back to 7 years earlier, the time when he was known as Saranjeet Singh Talwar, a well known collector and he was travelling to Bhadhori with his wife Minnie (Urvashi Rautela) for his transfer. There he starts a court of justice for action to be taken against corrupt individuals.

There he meets a gangster alais a crime lord named Raja Dadta Bhudhev Singh (Prakash Raj). He has an excise of £32,029,000 to pay and he threatens Saranjeet to open his factories otherwise he will do something to his sister and ruin her marriage. This enrages Saranjeet and he then slaps Bhudhev which led to a threat to ruin Saranjeet’s life and will make him squeal. Things get messy when Bhudhev kidnaps Saranjeet’s sister’s father-in-law and makes him to obey his order to mix poison in the ritual of feeding sweets to the daughter-in-law and son, or the whole family will be poisoned. He tries but attempts to fail and Saranjeet finds that things are fishy. He is called by Bhudhev and finds out that Minnie was poisoned, by the cause of her drink being spiked with poison.

They rush her to the hospital and Bhudhev has made a deal to exchange the order of his factories’ release for Dr. Anand, the neurosurgeon to perform the surgery for Minnie’s survival. Saranjeet agrees for Minnie’s unstable condition. But, it gets to late and Minnie passes away. Saranjeet is heartbroken and had found an old letter written by his wife during her last minutes. Furious Saranjeet goes to Bhudev and attacks him. He is then sentenced for 16 years of imprisonment.

But, one day he met his old friend, Mohammad Iqbal (Rajit Kapur) who was the jailor official, and recommended to bring change not hatred. Now in present day, he is a dedicated man towards bringing a noble change to the society.


Sunny Deol as Singh Saab
Amrita Rao as Shikha Chaturvedi
Urvashi Rautela as Minnie
Prakash Raj as Bhoodev Singh
Anjali Abrol as Simar / Guddie
Johny Lever as Gulwinder
Rajit Kapur as Jailer
Shahbaz Khan as Jata Singh
Raj Premi as Sultan
Alan Kapoor as Ashwini
Dr. Anukool Jain as Press Reporter
Dharmendra Guest Appearance in song “Daaru Band Kal Se”
Bobby Deol Guest Appearance in song “Daaru Band Kal Se”
Simran Khan as an item song “Khaike Palang Todh Pan”


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