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Badlapur Boys Dvd

Vijay grows up with a dream of bringing water to his village after his father’s sacrifice goes in vain. He decides to participate in a kabaddi competition to attract the attention of the bureaucracy.

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Badlapur Boys is a 2014 Hindi sports drama film directed by Shailesh Verma and produced by A. Muthu and Salim Tanwar. It stars Nishan, Saranya Mohan, Annu Kapoor and Puja Gupta in lead roles. Ankit (Saurabh) Sharma Played the character of Deenu in this film. The film is about a team of Kabaddi players in a family romantic drama with sports as a backdrop. It is a remake of the Tamil hit film Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu. Bollywood editor A. Muthu, who has edited more than 50 films (including Sadak, Deewana, Balwan, Raja Babu, Judwa, Ziddi, Haseena Maan Jayegi), took the remake rights of Tamil film Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu and produced this film.


The story centres on Vijay, a child whose village has been long deprived of water for irrigation. Vijay’s father threatens the bureaucracy with self-immolation if the village’s basic need for water is not fulfilled. To set an example, the father sets himself ablaze before the villagers and the media. As fate would have it, his sacrifice is forgotten and instead his family is affected. Vijay grows up with the dream that one day, he will come face to face with the bureaucracy with a simple request; that his village ‘Badlapur’ receives government’s attention to solve their water crisis. Vijay then performs in a kabaddi competition in hopes of making a change, but punctures his rib and dies, but wins the competition. His coach then bring this fact in public and the government finally agrees to these demands and the village have water for irrigation once again.


Nishan as Vijay
Sushant Kandya as Rajkumar
Saranya Mohan as Sapna
Ankit (Sourabh) Sharma as Deenu
Annu Kapoor as Swathi
Puja Gupta as Manjari
Anupam Maanav as Dr. O.P Malhotra
Kishori Shahane
Aman Verma
Preet Saluja as Sajid
Boloram Das as Sadhu


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