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Main Aur Mr. Riight Dvd

Alia is often bullied by her friends for not having a boyfriend. She hires Sukhwinder to act as her boyfriend but things take a wrong turn when both Sukhwinder and Abhay, her friend, start liking her.

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Main Aur Mr. Riight (transl. Me and Mr. Right) is a romantic Bollywood movie. The film stars Barun Sobti and Shenaz Treasurywala as the lead pair. Main Aur Mr. Riight tells the story of a single girl in search of her Mr. Right. The movie released on 12 December 2014.

A trailer was released in November 2014. The other actors in the movie are Danny Sura, Maia Sethna, Anagha Mane, Varun Khandelwal and Neha Gosai.


Alia Raj is a popular casting director in Mumbai, who believes she has the perfect life, perfect friends, and perfect personality, and therefore needs the perfect guy, Mr. Right. All of her friends are in committed relationships, dating, engaged and married, and are constantly trying to match make for her. Sick of her friends trying to control her life, Alia decides to take things into her hands. Here enters Sukhwinder Singh, born in Punjab and raised in Delhi, is an aspiring actor who has not gotten his break in movies yet. Alia pays Sukhi to play the role of a guy named Vridhaan Dalmia, her version of Mr. Right, to get her friends off her back. Sukhi, who is the complete opposite of Alia, takes time into getting into the role, but eventually wins the heart of all of Alia’s friends and even becomes friends with Alia. Alia’s friend Abhay, who is dating the gold digger Diya, reveals he has feelings for Alia, and Alia decides to choose Abhay. Sukhi, who has developed feelings for Alia gets depressed and goes away. The rest of the story is about how Alia discovers her feelings for Sukhi and realizes that Mr. Right is not always who you think it is supposed to be.


Barun Sobti as Sukhwinder Singh aka Sukhi/Vridhaan Dalmia
Shenaz Treasurywala as Aliya Raj
Kavi Shastri
Danny Sura
Maia Sethna
Anagha Mane
Varun Khandelwal
Neha Gosai


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