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Bal Bramhachari Dvd

Professor Vijay is brutally killed and his wife dies after giving birth to their child Mahavir. When Mahavir learns about his superpowers, he sets out to seek vengeance.


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Bal Bramhachari (Hindi: बाल ब्रमचारी, English: Penance) is a 1996 Indian Action Romantic Drama film. The Producer and Director of film is Prakash Mehra. Puru Raaj Kumar and Karisma Kapoor is in lead role. With this film Puru Raaj Kumar (Son of Raaj Kumar) make debut in Bollywood started his acting career. Film did well at Box office , film was not only recover its budget but also made decent profit.


Thakur Raghuveer Singh and his wife have no children, and there is no hope of getting a child. Thakur Raghuveer Singh donates a huge plot of land to his friend Professor Vijay Thripati to fulfil his friend’s dream to build a college. As Raghuveer Singh yearns to have a child and the professor and his wife ask him to adopt their son. Bhujbal Choudary is not happy because Thakur Raghuveer Singh donated his land to his friend Professor Vijay Thripati enraged as he wants to build a factory instead of a college. To churn out the students from the college he arranges fake diplomas that have no meaning as an anti-social activity. Then he plans to kill the professor and his wife on the day the foundation stone is being laid for the college. Professor is killed however his wife manages to escape and take shelter in a Hanuman Mandir there she gives birth to a son in Hanuman temple. On the request of the dying mother the priest hands over the baby boy to Thakur Raghuveer Singh. Thakur has already decided to adopt Balak Ram’s son named Balbir, so later he adopts both the children. Balak Ram who has an evil eye on the Raghuveer Singh property and wants to acquire it as well as wants to kill Professor Vijay Thripati’s son named Mahavir Singh also adopted by Thakur.

Mahavir is specially blessed by Bhagwan Bajrangbali and possesses special powers and he devotes god Hanuman. Thakur’s adopted son studies in the same college run by Bhujbal Chowdary. While in college Balbir meets with Seema and falls in love with her. Seema’s friend, Asha Rana, is attracted to Mahavir, but Mahavir has taken a vow of celibacy ‘brahmachari’, and does not like any woman to come near to him. But Asha tries all of her seductive powers to make Mahavir change his mind. Eventually Mahavir falls in love with Asha and decides to tie the knot. He also comes to know of his real father and his dream. And then takes revenge against their attacker, in shadowy form that he has magically seen in his dreams.


Puru Raaj Kumar as Mahavir Singh
Karisma Kapoor as Asha Rana
Mukesh Khanna as Thakur Raghuvir Singh
Anand Desai as Professor Vijay Tripathy
Aparajita as Anju Tripathy
Deepak Tijori as Balbir
Tinnu Anand as Balak Ram
Mohan Joshi as Bhujbal Choudhury
Shakti Kapoor as Chhote Choudhury
Simran as Seema Choudhury
Avtar Gill as Principal Rana
Ashok Saraf as Pyare Mohan
Bindu as Prof. Monica


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