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Barsaat Dvd

A village boy, Badal, is attracted towards his classmate Tina, who belongs to a rich family. However, her father disapproves of their relationship and gets him arrested under false charges.

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Barsaat (English: Rain) is a 1995 Indian Hindi romantic action film, which was the debut of Bobby Deol (son of veteran actor Dharmendra) and Twinkle Khanna (daughter of late actor Rajesh Khanna). The film was directed by Rajkumar Santoshi. The movie was initially titled Jaan, later changed to Meri Jeet, then Jeet and then Satwa Asmaan, before the Deols settled on Barsaat.


Badal (Bobby Deol) is a naive but intelligent young man who comes from a small village to the big city to attend college. He is introduced to city life by Damru (Harish Patel), who calls himself Danny. When Badal attends college, he meets pretty and precocious Tina Oberoi (Twinkle Khanna) and, after a few misunderstandings and misadventures, they fall in love.

This relationship is not approved of by Tina’s wealthy widower step-dad Dinesh Oberoi (Raj Babbar), who hopes to takes all her wealth. He is waiting for Tina To turn eighteen. His friend (Bharat Kapoor) wants his son to get married to Tina and divide the whole wealth. Once his son finds out about love of Tina and Badal, he complains to the college principal (Vijay Kashyap), that Badal has been responsible for sexually harassing a girl at the college one night, but Tina testifies in favour of Badal and insists he’s innocent for the wrongdoing. Dinesh then asks a corrupt cop, Negi, (Danny Denzongpa) the city’s assistant commissioner of police, for assistance.

Negi arrests Badal on trumped-up charges and imprisons him. Badal’s widowed dad Bhairon (Mukesh Khanna) comes to the big city to try to make sense of why Badal is in prison. Dinesh gives a contract to Negi to have Badal killed. Negi agrees and hires a gang of ruthless outlaws to hunt and kill Badal. Both of them run away to Badal’s village. However, Negi reaches there and threatens the villagers. To save the villagers, Badal gives Tina sleeping tablets by lying to her that both of them are committing suicide. He then surrenders himself to Negi.

When Tina wakes up, she finds herself in the custody of her step dad who tries to kills her by giving her poison, but her friend tells her the truth as now he realises the true intention of Dinesh who never wanted Tina to get married to his son. She is obviously shocked to find the truth and run in car.

By this time, Badal and Negi had a face off where Negi is killed (As shown) by Badal and now he comes to save Tina from Dinesh who is behind her to kill him. Both of them are fighting on the hill where Tina pleads Badal not to kill Dinesh as she consider him her father. However, Negi again comes to kill Badal and saved by Dinesh. Negi is finally killed by Bhairon and two others. At last, Tina and Badal unite with the dying Dinesh, approving their match and apologising for his deeds.


Bobby Deol… Badal
Twinkle Khanna… Tina Oberoi
Raj Babbar… Dinesh Oberoi
Mukesh Khanna… Bhairon (Badal’s Father)
Harish Patel… Damru “Danny”
Anjan Srivastav… Maula Ram
Bharat Kapoor… R.K. Mehra
Ashwin Kaushal… Bhushi
Vijay Kashyap… Kapurchand (College Principal)
Viju Khote… Tom Tom
Shehzad Khan… Khan Bhai
Suresh Bhagwat… Director
Danny Denzongpa… ACP Negi


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