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Chase Dvd

A photographer (Anuj Saxena) becomes the object of an epic manhunt after he captures a political assassination on tape.

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Chase is a 2010 Indian Hindi action film directed by Jagmohan Mundhra, who has previously directed films such as Shoot on Sight and Provoked. The film stars Anuj Saxena, Udita Goswami, Sameer Kochhar and Tareena Patel in the lead roles, while Gulshan Grover makes a special appearance. The film was released on 30 April 2010. The musical score is by Udbhav Ojha and Vijay Verma and the lyrics are by Jalees Sherwani, Manthan and Prashant Vasl. The title song is sung by Sajid Khan in his funky style whereas the other songs are sung by Shaan, Shreya Ghoshal and Vasundhara Das. The background musical score is by Amar Mohile.


Anuj Saxena as Sohail Ansari
Udita Goswami as Nupur Pradhan
Sameer Kochhar as Inspector Siddharth Sharma
Aditya Raj Kapoor as Anil Khanna, the industrialist
Ashok Banthia as Vishwajeet Rana, the Udyog Mantri
Tareena Patel as Surabhee Patel, TV journalist
Rajesh Khattar as DIG Ranveer Tyagi
Geeta Khanna as Rosy Aunty, the rehab nurse
Gulshan Grover as Anthony D’Costa
Sanjay Mishra as Haricharan Dubey, the rehab patient
Shweta Menon as Kareena Chopra (in a special appearance as Dubey’s hallucination)
Denzil Smith as Dr. A.K. Sehgal, Dean
Ravi Jhankal as Abdul Kareem, antique shop owner
Nuzhat Siddiqui as the Orphanage nun
Anil Kumar as the CCTY main operator
Sunil Tiwari as informer
Krunal Pandit as Star News reader
Vishwas Sharma as Pradhan, the new Udyog Mantri



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The main player in Chase to get to the “truth” is Sohail Ansari (Anuj Saxena), an ex-BSF Commando on the run. DIG Ranveer Tyagi (Rajesh Khattar) has vested interest in getting to the bottom of a murder of the State Industries Minister Vishwajeet Rana in which Sohail is involved and has access to vital information. Inspector Siddharth (Sameer Kochhar) is the right hand of the DIG who is monitoring Sohail’s actions. Sohail is chased by Siddharth and the policemen and in the process, Sohail gets badly injured and nabbed. Due to his condition, under the advice of Dr AK Sehgal, (Denzil Smith) Sohail is sent under police protection to the Neurological Research Institute, Panchgani for observation and rehab. In this scenario enters Nupur Chauhan (Udita Goswami) as the nurse to attend to Sohail. She finds out that Sohail is not in a vegetative state but only acting it out. She helps him in escaping from the police. The other players of this Chase are Surabhee (Tareena Patel), who is a TV journalist and also Sohail’s love interest and industrialist Anil Khanna (Aditya Raj Kapoor), who is interested to get his Rs 1000 crore Power Plant project approved by the Govt. Added to this there is Anthony D’Costa (Gulshan Grover), who is also in search for the truth. The hunt for Sohail and search for truth takes us through the streets of Mumbai in an exciting and thrilling Chase. The truth has the potential of blowing up the entire political system apart. The line between truth and lies gets blurred. Who is the victim and who is the criminal? What you see may not be the real truth. Do the criminals get caught? Does the victim get justice ? Who are Sohail Ansari and Nupur and what is the role of Anthony D’Costa? This Chase for the truth ends in a nail-biting, tense and unusual climax which will leave you spell bound. It is said that you are innocent till proven guilty, but what happens when the law is interested in punishing the accused without verifying his innocence or guilt? What happens when the law upholders are ruthless and have no scruples?


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