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Gattu Dvd

Gattu, a street child, yearns to conquer the airspace in his town by defeating Kali, a mysterious kite. He masquerades as a student in a local school to achieve his goal. However, he is illiterate.

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Gattu is a 2012 Indian film written by K.D.Satyam and directed by rajan khosa.The film stars Mohammad Samad, Naresh Kumar, Zoya Arshad, Harshit Kaushik, Sarvasva Singh Pundir and Jayanta Das in leading roles and had its premiere on 14 November 2011 at the 17th International Children’s Festival of India held in Hyderabad during 14 November 2011 and 20 November 2011. Gattu had its theatrical release in India on 20 April 2012.


Gattu is a nine-year old orphan who works in his uncle’s garbage recycling business and is fascinated by Kite flying, specially the black kite Kali which has managed to remain unconquered in the sky till date. Gattu’s desire to defeat the black kite leads him to a school where he pretends to be a student and builds a web of lies to impress his classmates and keep his dream of conquering the black kite alive.


Mohammad Samad as Gattu
Naresh Kumar as Anees Bhai
Jayanta Das as School Principal
Zoya Arshad as Minky
Harshit Kaushik as Manoj
Sarvasva Singh Pundir as Honey Singh
Mohit Pandey as Sulaiman
Mohammad Shoaib as Chawanni
Mohammad Talha Sadat as Tailor Master
Ritika Kumar as Sunita
Naveen Bhatt as Kareem


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