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Challo Driver Dvd

A rich, spoilt man requires a chauffeur, but the applicant, to his surprise, turns out to be an independent woman. Not only does she drive him around but also changes his life for good.

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Challo Driver (transl. Come on driver) is Hindi movie released on 20 July 2012, produced by Ronicka Kandhari and starring Kainaz Motivala, Vickrant Mahajan, Prem Chopra, Manoj Pahwa, Tariq Vasudeva, Juhi Pande and Silky Khanna.


The film stars Prem Chopra as Arjun Kapoor’s (Vickrant Mahajan) grandfather. He (Prem) wants someone to come in his grandson’s life who would change his life completely. Arjun is very strict by nature and changes his driver five times a month. So by this behaviour of his Prem becomes upset. But suddenly a female driver Tanya (Kainaz Motivala) comes into his life and the whole story changes respectively. At last Arjun marries the female driver and the story ends successfully.


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