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Guzaarish Dvd

Renowned former magician Ethan, now a quadriplegic, files a petition for euthanasia. While he awaits the verdict, Omar, a young magic enthusiast, convinces Ethan to pass on his legacy to him.

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Guzaarish (transl. Request) is a 2010 Indian Hindi-language romantic drama film written, composed and directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali. The film stars Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai in lead roles while Shernaz Patel, Aditya Roy Kapoor, Monikangana Dutta, Suhel Seth, Swara Bhaskar, and Makrand Deshpande portray pivotal roles. It is jointly produced by Bhansali and UTV Motion Pictures. Sudeep Chatterjee handled Cinematography and editing was done by Hemal Kothari.

The film narrates the story of a paralyzed magician-turned-Radio jockey who files a petition in court seeking permission to end his life. The film was released on 19 November 2010 to positive reviews from critics, who praised the direction, cinematography, and performances, particularly of Roshan, and Rai. However, veteran Indian writer Dayanand Rajan claimed that the plot of the film was plagiarised from his unpublished novel Summer Snow.

Guzaarish is the third film to feature Roshan opposite Rai after Dhoom 2 and Jodhaa Akbar.The film received nominations for direction, music and performances of the lead actors, notably Roshan and Rai being nominated under Filmfare Award for Best Actor and Filmfare Award for Best Actress category respectively as well as both critics and popular choice awards at other functions.


Ethan Mascarenhas (Hrithik Roshan) is a former magician who is a quadriplegic. He becomes the Radio Jockey of an FM Station called Radio Zindagi. His show spreads magic, hope, and laughter through his irrepressible wit and humor to every listener and caller, making it difficult to imagine that this is a man who has been immobilized with a spinal injury for the last fourteen years. Sofia D’Souza (Aishwarya Rai) is his nurse who has been accompanying him for the past twelve years.

On the fourteenth anniversary of his accident, Ethan decides to file an appeal to the court for mercy killing. Ethan takes the help of his best friend and lawyer, Devyani Dutta (Shernaz Patel), to support his appeal. Devyani understands Ethan’s appeal and agrees to his reasoning and decides to support him in his cause. Surprising everyone with her stance, Ethan’s mother Isabel Mascarenhas (Nafisa Ali) also supports him in his petition, backing her son’s demand. Ethan’s physician Dr. Nayak (Suhel Seth) with whom he has consistently persuaded to retract his case, he finally relents to Ethan’s appeal when he realizes that the friend in him is much stronger than the medic. In the meantime, a young man named Omar Siddiqui (Aditya Roy Kapur) enters Ethan’s life to learn magic from him whom he considers to be the greatest of magicians. Impressed by his love for magic, Ethan agrees to pass on his legacy to Omar. Later, Omar confesses to Ethan that he is the son of Yassar Siddiqui, who happens to be responsible for causing Ethan’s accident. Ethan knew of this the entire time, yet that didn’t come in the way of passing his legacy to Omar.

On the day of verdict Ethan’s plea is rejected by the court, saying the legal code of the country cannot be violated in any circumstance. Ethan spends his time alone in his empty home when Sofia returns. She confesses to Ethan that she got the divorce and tells him that she will help with his euthanasia, whatever the consequences be as Ethan means more to her. On hearing her words, Ethan realizes how much Sofia loves him. He proposes to her and Sofia agrees.

Ethan throws a farewell party for their friends and guests, where Ethan speaks about everyone who has meant very dear to him and finally tells everyone about his and Sofia’s love. Ethan says that he will be dying a happy man with no regrets and a heart full of Sofia’s love, and bids all goodbye. At these words, all the guests embrace him, with Ethan laughing heartily.


Hrithik Roshan as Ethan Mascarenhas
Aishwarya Rai Bachchan as Sofia D’Souza/Mascarenhas
Shernaz Patel as Devyani Dutta
Aditya Roy Kapur as Omar Siddiqui
Suhel Seth as Dr. Nayak
Nafisa Ali as Ethan’s Mother/Isabelle
Rajit Kapur as Public Prosecutor, Vipin Patel
Vijay Crishna as Judge Rajhansmoni
Monikangana Dutta as Estella Francis
Makrand Deshpande as Neville D’Souza, Sofia’s husband
Swara Bhaskar as Radhika Talwar
Ash Chandler as Yasser Siddiqui
Priyanka Bose as singer at the bar
Achint Kaur as news reader
Olivier Lafont as Father Samuel
Sahil Shah as student on phone


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