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Ramaa: The Saviour Dvd

While playing a new video game, six children land on an isolated island where they are left to survive. They meet Ramaa, who tries to protect them from the bounty hunters.


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Ramaa: The Saviour is a 2010 Bollywood fantasy action adventure film produced by Paul London, written by Reshu Nath and directed by Hadi Ali Abrar. The film stars Sahil Khan and Tanushree Dutta and features the WWE wrestler, The Great Khali in his second Indian movie after Kushti. A Tanushree Dutta’s Final Film Career.


Snobbish Komal (Ananya Shukla) and her brother, Kunal (Koustuv Ghosh); Sameer (Arjun Nandwani) – who is always ready for a snack; and siblings of smart class monitor Riddhi (Ishita Panchal): Rohan (Meghan Jadhav) and Sanj (Zankhi Pabari) – participate in a dance competition whose winner will be given the recently released video game “The Last Battle”. They win the competition and are sent to the game room for playing the game. But when they start playing the game, they get sucked into the game and are stranded on a vast prehistoric island. They also fend for themselves against wild animals, deadly gem-seekers all by themselves until a wild-type man called Ramaa (Sahil Khan) gives them food and shelter in his hut in the jungle and also starts helping them to get out of the island by building a small boat for them. Shortly problems arise when Kunal is kidnapped by Kali (Taleb Ibrahim) who is in the lookout for the power to rule the world with the help of three stones controlling the Mind,Body and the Soul. Will Ramaa save Kunal? Will he get the children out of the island? Will he defeat the evil Kali and save the world?

This depends on the rest of the story.


Sahil Khan as Ramaa / Mr. Sharma
Tanushree Dutta as Samara
Dalip Singh Rana as Vali
Meghan Jadhav as Rohan
Ananya chadda as Komal
Ishita Panchal as Ridhi
Koustuv Ghosh as Kunal
The Great Khali


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