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Himmatwala Dvd

An evil landlord falsely accuses a temple priest of stealing money, causing him to commit suicide. Years later, his son decides to take revenge on the landlord by marrying his daughter.

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Himmatwala (transl. The brave one) is a 2013 Indian Hindi-language action comedy film written and directed by Sajid Khan and jointly produced by UTV Motion Pictures and Vashu Bhagnani. The film features Ajay Devgn and Tamannaah in the lead roles. Set in 1983, it is an official remake of 1983 film of the same name by K. Raghavendra Rao, which was in turn a remake of 1981 Telugu film Ooruki Monagadu. The film was released on 29 March 2013. The film marks Tamannaah’s comeback to Bollywood after she debuted in the 2005 film Chand Sa Roshan Chehra.


Set in 1983, the story begins with Ravi (Ajay Devgn) winning a fighting competition at a club. He is known as Himmatwala (courageous man). He then goes to Ramnagar village, where he meets his mother, Savitri (Zarina Wahab), and his younger sister, Padma (Leena Jumani), who are living a miserable life.

Ravi’s mother Savitri tells Ravi that Ravi’s father (Anil Dhawan) was an honest and respected man, and he was the priest of the temple. His father was framed by Sher Singh (Mahesh Manjrekar), the tyrant zamindar (landlord), for robbing the temple since the latter saw him commit a murder. Disgusted, Ravi’s father committed suicide. In revenge, young Ravi tried to kill Sher Singh, but failed. When Ravi’s house is burnt, Savitri tells him to run away as Sher Singh will kill him.

With revenge in his mind, Ravi beats up Narayan Das (Paresh Rawal), Sher Singh’s manager and brother-in-law, as well as threatening Sher Singh. The next day, he publicly humiliates Sher Singh’s daughter, Rekha (Tamannaah) because she was beating up her innocent driver. In response, Rekha unleashes a tiger on the village in front of Ravi. Her plan was unsuccessful, however, as it backfired. Rekha falls down from the terrace and is about to be attacked by the animal, when Ravi jumps and saves her life. Rekha falls in love with Ravi, and afterwards, saves Ravi’s life against her father Sher Singh’s plans.

On the other hand, Ravi comes to know that Padma is in love with Shakti (Adhyayan Suman), Narayan Das’s son. He has his objections and so has Narayan. However, Sher Singh tells Narayan Das that marrying Shakti with Padma would give them an upper hand over Ravi as they can ill-treat Padma and keep Ravi in control. Meanwhile, Padma now knows that Ravi who is living with her, is not the real Ravi (Riteish Deshmukh), and Ravi died in a road accident. Before dying, the real Ravi asked him to take care of his family. Padma is initially upset, but then reconciles after Ravi saves her life.

Shortly after Padma and Shakti get married, both the father and son start ill-treating Padma. In revenge, Ravi uses Rekha against her own father, just like what she advises him. After Rekha tells her father Sher Singh that she is pregnant with Ravi’s child, Sher Singh begs Ravi to marry Rekha. Eventually, Ravi punished Narayan Das and Shakti by doing all the household chores. He also wins the Sarpanch election, and Sher Singh finally gives all the property documents back to the villagers, which Sher Singh had illegally taken from them before.

However, Shakti overhears Rekha and Ravi’s conversation about the fake pregnancy and that he is not the real Ravi. Angered, Sher Singh tries to kill him by bringing 20 fighters from the city, but failed. While they are beating Ravi, the tiger (which Ravi had fought with) comes and saves his life. Ravi then brutally beats Shakti, and is about to kill Sher Singh when his mother stops him.

In the end, Sher Singh, Narayan Das and Shakti ask for the forgiveness from Ravi, Savitri and the rest of the villagers.



Ajay Devgan with co-star Tamannaah during the trailer launch of their film Himmatwala
Ajay Devgn as Ravi (II) “Himmatwala” Ravi , Ravi’s friend
Tamannaah as Rekha Singh Bandookwala, Ravi (II)’s love interest
Paresh Rawal as Narayan Das, Sher Singh’s brother-in-law, Shakti’s father, and Rekha’s uncle
Mahesh Manjrekar as Sher Singh Bandookwala, Rekha’s father
Adhyayan Suman as Shakti Das, Narayan’s son, Rekha’s cousin, Padma’s husband, and Ravi’s brother-in-law
Zarina Wahab as Savitri Kishan Verma, Kishan’s widow, Ravi and Padma’s mother, and Shakti’s mother-in-law
Leena Jumani as Padma Verma/Padma Shakti Das, Savitri and Kishan’s daughter, Ravi’s younger sister, and Shakti’s wife
Anil Dhawan as Kishan Verma, Savitri’s dead husband, Ravi and Padma’s father, and Shakti’s father-in-law


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