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Hisss Dvd

A man, diagnosed with brain cancer, is told that if he can manage to get his hands on ‘nagmani’, he will become immortal. He captures a male snake hoping to obtain the ‘nagmani’ as ransom.

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Hisss (also known as Nagin: The Snake Woman) is a 2010 adventure-horror film, directed by Jennifer Chambers Lynch. Bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat plays the leading role.


The story begins in Natchi, a small town in Kerala state, India. American George States (Jeff Doucette) is suffering from the last stage of brain cancer and has only six months to live. To prevent death and gain immortality, he decides to extract the “Nagmani” immortal blood from a nagin, a shape-shifting cobra that can change into a human. He and hired henchmen capture the nag (the male snake) so that the nagin (the female) comes after the capturer to free her mate, thus allowing him to obtain the nagmani by force. He keeps the nag in a glass box where he electrocutes and tortures him. His plan works and the nagin starts following them.

The nagin transforms into a beautiful woman (Mallika Sherawat), and is later helped by police inspector Virkram Gupta (Irrfan Khan) and his wife, Maya (Divya Dutta), who is infertile, causing a strain in their relationship. The nagin helps a few women who are helpless: One who is beaten mercilessly by her husband; one being raped by a man, and so on. She even helps herself when two men try to rape her. She turns into a giant cobra and brutally kills those two men, some of George States’ henchmen who were involved in the capture of her mate as well as men who torture women. She turns back into a human after her killings. Inspector Gupta tries to help the nagin find her mate, but at the same time, tries to investigate the murders, unaware she is responsible for them. Finally, the Nagin reaches George’s hideout where she reclaims her mate and they have sex, leading her to becoming pregnant. George attempts to capture the nagin during intercourse since this is when she will be at her most vulnerable.

Wearing a suit that hides his heat signature, he lures her by using her dying mate as bait to a trap. He captures her and tries taking the nagmani, but at that moment, Inspector Gupta arrives and helps her. Angered by the death of her mate by the hands of George, the nagin turns into a half snake, half human hybrid creature and throws him in the glass box where her mate was kept and electrocutes him to death. She leaves the hideout, carrying her dead mate. Inspector Gupta is amazed at everything he has just witnessed. He returns to his wife Maya, who later gives birth to their baby, while the nagin, back in the form of a beautiful woman, gives birth to her numerous baby cobras.


Mallika Sherawat as Nagin
Irrfan Khan as Inspector Vikram Gupta
Jeff Doucette as George States
Divya Dutta as Maya Gupta, inspector’s wife


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