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Life Is Beautiful Dvd

Raj marries Pia for Canadian citizenship and starts forming a real attachment towards her. However, everything changes when an attractive woman, Linda, enters his life as his neighbour.


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Life Is Beautiful is a 2014 Bollywood film that was directed by Manoj Amarnani, who also starred in the movie. The film was released in India on 22 August 2014 and stars Nancy Brunetta as Amarnani’s co-star.


Raj works in Toronto on a temporary visa and is living with his friend Prem, who resents Raj for invading what little living space he has. When Raj’s application for permanent residency in Canada is denied, he decides to marry a complete stranger in hopes of getting approved. The woman, Pia, finds that she has to move in with Raj to make everything look legitimate, but as time passes the two find themselves becoming friends. However all of Raj’s plans are potentially ruined when he meets Linda, a woman who makes him doubt his previous actions.


Manoj Amarnani for Raj
Nancy Brunetta for Linda
Anokhi Dalvi for Pia
Parth Naik for Prem
Master Aaryan for Rahul
Jayiesh Singh for Rohit
Sunaina Verma for Meghina
Arjun Jasuja for Keswani
Shaibal Datta for Jai
Munish Kumar Joshi
Kuldip Kumar Joshi


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