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Singham Returns Dvd

Bajirao Singham, an honest police officer, encounters Babaji, a god-man with connections to high profile politicians, when he investigates the death of an officer from his team.

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Singham Returns is a 2014 Indian Hindi-language action film directed by Rohit Shetty and produced by Reliance Entertainment, Ajay Devgn FFilms and Rohit Shetty Productions. A sequel to the 2011 film Singham and the second installment in Shetty’s Police Universe, the film features Ajay Devgn reprising his role from the previous film, as well as co-producing the project, while Kareena Kapoor plays the female lead thus replacing Kajal Aggarwal. The film was released worldwide on 15 August 2014. The plot is inspired by the 1993 Malaylam film Ekalavyan.

A spin-off, titled Simmba, starring Ranveer Singh as the titular officer, ACP Sangram Bhalerao, a corrupt cop hailing from Singham’s hometown of Shivgarh, was released on 28 December 2018, to mixed critical reviews but major box-office success, with Devgn reprising Singham in an extended cameo. The film’s ending introduced Akshay Kumar as ATS chief Veer Sooryavanshi, Singham’s acquaintance. A second spin-off, Sooryavanshi, is slated for release in 2020, and will have Kumar reprise the role in the lead, with both Devgn and Singh reprising their respective characters Singham and Simmba in an important climactic sequence.


Bajirao Singham (Ajay Devgn) who is now a Deputy Commissioner of Police, gets transferred to Mumbai and discovers that one of his team members, Mahesh, is found dead inside an ambulance with massive bags of money. Singham decides to unearth the truth behind it and in this process, he collides with a powerful and fraudulent religious leader, Satyaraj Chandar a.k.a. Babaji (Amole Gupte), who has high-profile connections with corrupt politicians, including the ruling party’s leader Guruji’s (Anupam Kher) secretary minister Prakash Rao (Zakir Hussain).

During this period, Guruji is killed by Babaji’s henchmen due to Guruji’s opposition to Rao’s scheme, even though Singham was present at the scene. He vows revenge. Because of this, he has to pretend that he has resigned in front of his family. Due to this, his father asks him and his childhood friend, Avni (Kareena Kapoor), to come to their home town, Shivgarh. After some time, Singham and Avni fall in love with each other. However, it is then revealed that Singham hasn’t resigned and came to Shivgarh on a mission to get some evidence against Babaji.

When they get back to Mumbai, Babaji starts threatening Singham’s family. On the other hand, Rao harms all of Guruji’s candidates, including Avni, because her brother is one of the candidates. Singham manages to save everyone but before they resign, one of Babaji’s henchmen, Altaf (Pankaj Tripathi), wakes up from a coma and testifies against him. Singham arrests Babaji and Rao. However, some party workers execute an attack outside the court, killing the witnesses. This causes Babaji and Rao to go scot free. But after Babaji gets released, Singham and his team goes to his house without wearing their police uniforms, joined in by police from all around Mumbai. They successfully fight Babaji and Rao’s men. Singham’s team storm inside Babaji’s house, and comically torture Babaji and Rom by firing a live round into both of their buttocks each. The wounded and humiliated Rao and Baba tell the truth, their confessions secretly being filmed and broadcast on live television and radio.

A few weeks later, Guruji’s party wins the elections. While being transported to jail in a van, Rao and Baba once again threaten and taunt Singham. Suddenly, the van stops and the driver walks away. A water tanker crashes into the van and both of them are killed. Inspector Dev Phadnis (Vineet Sharma) tells the media that there was a brake failure, and the incident is deemed as an accident (a plan that was fabricated by Singham which resembled the way officer Mahesh was killed).


Ajay Devgn as Deputy Commissioner of Police Bajirao Singham
Kareena Kapoor as Avni Kamat
Amole Gupte as Satyaraj Chander Baba
Anupam Kher as Gurukant “Guruji” Acharya
Dayanand Shetty as Senior-Inspector Daya
Vineet Sharma as Sub-Inspector Dev Phadnis
Zakir Hussain as Minister Prakash Rao
Mahesh Manjrekar as Chief Minister Vikram Adhikari
Sonalee Kulkarni as Meneka
Jitendra Joshi as Ashish (Meneka’s boyfriend)
Sameer Dharmadhikari as Kishore Kamat
Deepraj Rana as Sunil Prabhat
Sharat Saxena as Commissioner Shiv Rathod
Ashwini Kalsekar as Reporter Meera Shorey
Govind Namdev as Manikrao Singham (Singham’s Father)
Meghna Vaidya as Singham’s Mother
Uday Tikekar as Avni’s Father
Shubhangi Latkar as Avni’s Mother
Pankaj Tripathi as Altaf Khan
Sachin Nayak as Bhola
Shriswara as Neeta Parmar
Rakesh Kukreti as Mr Parmar (Neeta’s Husband)
Ganesh Yadav as Constable Mahesh Jadhav
Sarita Joshi as Mrs Jadhav (Mahesh’s Mother)
Smita Tambe as Usha Jadhav (Mahesh’s Wife)
Amit Verma as Engineer Mayank Anand


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