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Loha Dvd

Mustafa introduces Lukka to the world of crime who eventually overthrows him to rule the underworld. Lukka becomes unstoppable after he gets rid of people who oppose him.

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Loha is an action Indian film released in 1997 Indian action crime film directed by Kanti Shah. It stars Dharmendra, Mithun Chakraborty, Shakti Kapoor and Mohan Joshi with an ensemble of other Bollywood actors. Film was only moderate successful at the box office.


Loha, is a story of Shankar (Dharmendra) he became the protagonist, and he disguised himself as a Panwala from Bihar, he determined to fight a corrupt system, taking to task miscreants and criminals in his city. The movie begins with an aspiring underworld don, Lukkabhai (Mohan Joshi) ousts his erstwhile mentor Tandyabhai (Deepak Shirke) to emerge as the reigning champion of a crime infested world. Elsewhere, Arjun (Mithun Chakraborty), he is a Soliderhas forfeited his love and his consequence of sizing up with a local goon played by Rajesh Vivek. As a result, Arjun seeks obsessive refuge in liquor.

Shankar chances upon Arjun incidentally and rescues Arjun when Arjun hits the rock bottom of his life. Meanwhile, severely inconvenienced by Shankar’s righteous meddling, Lukkabhai molests Shankar’s sister to teach Shankar a lesson and has her killed. Infuriated, Shankar teams up with Arjun, who now is indebted to him and another alien named as Mustafabhai (Shakti Kapoor), who wants payback, as Lukkabhai had chopped his hands off.

Together, they deliver the king pin of the underworld and his minions to a well-deserved end. Re-instating a proverbial triumph of good over evil, restoring harmony and justice in the society. Thereby resurrecting their previously bruised societal images.


Dharmendra as Shankar
Mithun Chakraborty as Arjun
Ramya Krishnan as Karishma
Sujata Mehta as Police Inspector Sujata Singh.
Rami Reddy as Takla
Mohan Joshi as Lukka Bhai
Shakti Kapoor as Mustafa
Deepak Shirke as Tandiya
Kiran Kumar as Commissioner
Ishrat Ali as Inspector Kaale
Razak Khan as Munna Mobile
Harish Patel as Salim
Rajesh Vivek as Thakur Vikraal ‘Mahakaal’
Govinda as Himself(Special Appearance)
Manisha Koirala as Herself (Special Appearance)
Alphonsa (special appearance)


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