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My Birthday Song Dvd

While celebrating his fortieth birthday, Rajiv gets intimate with a stranger but later realises that it was a dream. However, the events that follow make him question what happened that night.

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My Birthday Song is a 2018 Bollywood psychological thriller film produced and directed by Samir Soni. The film stars co-producer Sanjay Suri in the lead role with Nora Fatehi, Zenia Starr and Ayaz Khan in supporting roles. The film revolves around a happily-married man and the song on his 40th birthday. It was released on 19 January 2018.


Rajiv (Sanjay Suri) is celebrating his 40th birthday with his friends when he meets a stranger named Sandy (Nora Fatehi) and gets intimate with her. She gets killed accidentally by broken glass pieces hurt in her back of head. Rajiv gets stunned looking blood all around on pillow, he gulps in a lot of alcohol with sleeping pills. The next morning he wakes up to realize that everything that he was experiencing was just a dream. But as the day progresses, the events that take place in his life and the people that he comes across make him question whether what happened last night was all just a dream or did it all actually happen. He calls up his friend to check if his friend getting Sandy for evening party. His friend is shocked as Rajiv was not told about it earlier. Rajiv gets to know that Sandy is alive & put up at Hotel, where he calls her up & asks to meet her. Sandy is the same girl whom he had met a few years back for his ad shoot & had a night spent and forgotten.

Sandy tries to get intimate with Rajiv at hotel room, but Rajiv tells her he saw her dying in party. When she hugs her, he remembers the same dream suddenly & pushes her back abruptly. She falls on a glass that breaks in her head & she lies on floor with blood all over. Rajiv is now scared that his dream has come true. On the way back, he is stopped by Police for rash driving, asked for license, he shows it to the policeman and he sees his dad’s pic in his wallet. He recollects a childhood scene where his mom and dad fight over the dinner table & argument ends up by their separation. On the way, suddenly his car breaks down on a remote road with engine fuming. Out of blues, a mechanic walks up to him with a tool kit & wishes him Happy Birthday as he puns on the situation. It can only be a fortunate day a birthday when someones car breaks down & mechanic comes up with a toolkit. Meanwhile, his car’s tire is also punctured which he gets repaired. Before leaving mechanic murmurs him a statement and says “apki Sandy ready hai Sir” Rajiv is stunned again and looks for the mechanic, but he has disappeared. Rajiv starts his car and journey again, on his way he remembers good times spent with his wife on Anniversary day and Sandys head in blood again.


Sanjay Suri as Rajiv Kaul
Nora Fatehi as Sandy
Zenia Starr as Ritu
Ayaz Khan as Vikram Acharya
Sameer Sharma as Ravi Kaul
Elena Kazan as Amy
Suparna Krishna as Achala
Aarti Khetarpal as Annie
Aryan Veir Suri as Young Rajiv
Kaushar Ali Khan as Vijay
Aarav Bedi as Yash Kaul
Rohan Awasthi as Maanav Kaul
Poonam Kindo as Madhu
Savitri Wahi as Nani Maa
Mayana Sherawat as Baby Sandy
Devishi Sharma as Young Sandy
Purab Kohli as Ashish (cameo)
Pitobash Tripathy as Waiter/Mechanic (cameo)


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