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Vodka Diaries Dvd

Ashwini Dixit, a police officer, struggles to unfurl the mystery behind three murders at the Vodka Diaries club. However, he not only has to solve the murders but also rescue his abducted wife.

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Vodka Diaries is a 2018 Indian thriller film co-produced and directed by Kushal Srivastava. Set in contemporary Manali, the story revolves around a club called Vodka Diaries, where a few murders occur and their investigation is undertaken by the protagonist, ACP Ashwini Dixit. The film was produced under the banner of K’Scope Entertainment Pvt.Ltd. and Vishalraj Films & Production Pvt. Ltd. and released on 19 January 2018.The movie was loosely based on the 2010 movie Shutter Island.


A series of murders brings ACP Ashwini Dixit(Kay Kay Menon) and his junior colleague, Sub-Inspector Ankit Dayal(Sharib Hashmi) to the club Vodka Diaries in Manali. Three carefree and flirtatious young men are murdered on the same night in the presence of three mysterious women. Vodka Diaries seems to be the centre of the mystery. As the investigation deepens, his wife Shikha(Mandira Bedi), a poet, goes missing. Ashwini tries to unravel the reason behind her disappearance.

However, it is later shown that the victims are alive and well, and no one whom Ashwini had met is now able to recognise him. This puts the detective on a chase, with everyone he knows failing to recognise him or anything that he talks about, and a pursuit of his wife and the killer with anonymous calls and apparent clues appearing to him time and again. Towards the end, it is revealed that Ashwini’s real name is Rishi Gautam, a famous writer. On the day of release of his new book, “Redemption of the Murderer”, Gautam had quarreled with his wife Shikha, when he saw her with another man named Mayuk (Vikram Sakhalkar). In a fit of rage over her allegations of not spending quality time with her and wrongly suspecting her of infidelity, Gautam had accidentally killed Shikha by throwing a glass bottle at her. He was traumatised and was diagnosed with intensive obsessive identification disorder by psychiatrist Roshni (Raima Sen). Gautam began to hallucinate, believing he was the main protagonist detective of his book, Ashwini Dixit and thinking that Shikha is alive and with him. To treat him effectively, Roshni recreated the entire plot of his novel “Redemption of the Murderer”, with the intention of getting Gautam to play the role of Ashwini in his book, with actors around him playing along with him and pretending to be characters of his book, but ultimately leading ‘Ashwini’ to discover the identity of Gautam Rishi for himself. Eventually Gautam is acquitted by court as Mayuk testifies that the former’s act was accidental and not intentional.

In the end, Gautam alias Ashwini continues to live and work as a writer in a secluded cottage, with hallucinations of Shikha.


Kay Kay Menon as ACP Ashwini Dixit/Rishi Gautam
Raima Sen as Roshni Banerjee
Mandira Bedi as Shikha Dixit
Sharib Hashmi as Sr inspector Ankit Dayal
Rishi Bhutani as Vivek Rajput
Herry Tangri as Ronny
Swati Rajput as Sera
Vaishnavi Dhanraj As Ananya
Mohommed Ali Shah as Sam
Sooraj Thapar as Hotel Manager
Dipoo Srivastava as Hotel Receptionist
Rahul Kapoor as Nikhil
Antara Srivastava as Kavya
Vikram Sakhalkar as Mayuk


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