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One by Two Dvd

Amit struggles with a mundane life and a recent breakup, while Samara, an aspiring dancer, tries to win a reality show. After several accidental escapes, the strangers’ paths finally cross.


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One By Two is a 2014 Hindi romantic comedy directed by Devika Bhagat. It released on 31 January 2014 at multiplexes, showing on approximately 500 screens in India. This is the story of Amit and Samara who meet each other while living in Mumbai The music of the film has been composed by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy. The film was panned by critics.


Amit Sharma (Abhay Deol) is living a dull personal and professional life. His girlfriend Radhika recently dumped him and he’s still not over her. His colleagues constantly mock him. On his parents recommendation he meets a girl named Shishika(Yashika Dhillon) but doesn’t gets over Radhika.

Samara Patel (Preeti Desai) wants to become a great dancer. She lives with her alcoholic mother (Lillete Dubey) . Samara and Jonathan (Yudishtir Urs) are together, Jonathan constantly wants to make out while doesn’t want any “Love” in between. During a rehearsal Samara gets close to a guy while Jonathan finds it unable to handle and rejects her name for a mega dance campaign. Samara gets herself enrolled for a dance reality show. Amit gets to know Radhika left him for a show producer Ranjan (Diwakar Pundir) who in turn is the producer of the Dance Reality show Samara is participating. To belittle Ranjan and to win back Radhika, Amit hacks the list of Dance Reality Show’s winners. While he changes the list, and those who are accustomed to win, gets eliminated. The show loses its charm and Ranjan faces abuses from the audience. While due to Amit’s childish behaviour Samara who was performing outstandingly gets eliminated.

Amit again visits Radhika and proposes her. She calls him boring and useless. Samara meets her father who left her mother due to her alcoholism. Her father asks her to leave her Mom and move back with him. Samara and her mother shares an heated argument regarding the same. Samara finds that her father doesn’t loves her when he during a party doesn’t acknowledge her as his daughter.

Amit finds Shishika irritating. At a party in a bathroom, Amit gives Samara toilet paper when she accidentally sneaks into Men’s bathroom. But they both doesn’t meet each other.

During a family interrogation with Shishika’s parents, Amit gets his guitar and sings in front of them wearing a vest and short, thus embarrassing in a discontented mood. With the help of his dance partner, Samara choreographs a dance album. It gets instant views and liking. Unknowingly its on the song made by Amit. Samara and his friend got the song when Amit accidentally dropped the Hard Disk on the road bumping to Samara one day. They give credits to Amit.

Radhika comes back, to reunite back with Amit, but he refuses to accept her. He promises her that he will sing the song for her dance show, which will be played after the contestant wins the show. As a wildcard entry Samara gets back into the dance show she previously got eliminated. Radhika asks her producers not to play Amit’s song, in turn Samara takes the song for her final dance. Jonathan comes back to Samara to rekindle. After a make out session when Jonathan asks her to come back to Amsterdam she refuses and asks Jonathan to leave. Samara rekindles her relationship with her mom and tells her father that she will stay with her mother and will not come with him.

Everyone watches, including Amit the breathtaking performance of Samara. At the time of results, Samara sneaks out with her mother. The show declares someone else as winner, because Samara just Vanished without telling. Everyone gets astonished as Samara hasn’t won the show.

Lastly, Samara through an accident in a pub finally meets Amit, while he praises her for her dance during the show and she for his song.

Samara’s mom, Amit, his friends all finally together meet each other.


Abhay Deol as Amit Sharma
Preeti Desai as Samara Patel
Rati Agnihotri as Amit’s mother
Jayant Kripalani as Amit’s father
Lillete Dubey as Samara’s mother
Anish Trivedi as Samara’s father
Darshan Jariwala as Amit’s uncle
Netarpal Singh Heera as Bunty
Yudishtir Urs as Jonathan
Preetika Chawla as Anika
Tahir Raj Bhasin as Mihir
Maya Sarao as Shaila
Yashika Dhillon as Shishika
Dr. Rajesh Asthana as Mr. Reddy
Diwakar Pundir as Ranjan Sadanah
Shrishti Arya as Promila
Tanvir Singh as Host of dance show
B.K. Tiwari as ACP Salgaonkar
Neelam Sharma as Inspector Chowgule
Hemant Soni as Halwaldar More
Amit Shukla as Inspector Shetty


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