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Policewala Gunda Dvd

Shiva, a Madurai-based gangster, adopts Shakti, his slain driver’s son. Shakti, who witnesses his father being killed by a police officer, decides to avenge his father’s death with Shiva’s support.


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Policewala Gunda (Hindi: पुलिसवाला गुण्डा) is a 1995 Indian Hindi-language crime film, which stars Dharmendra, Mukesh Khanna, Shikha Swaroop, Ranjeet and Ajit Vachani. The film released on 19 May 1995. film was successful .


This movie revolves around a policeman (Mukesh Khanna), who is a kind and honorable person. After arresting the henchmen of a notorious crime leader, Kaalishankar Peeli Topiwaley (Ranjeet), the crime lord sets out to kill the policeman with the minister (Mohan Joshi). His wife (Deepti Naval) becomes depressed. She is helped by a policeman Ajit Singh (Dharmendra), who, after listening to the full story, vows to take revenge on Kaalishankar Peeli Topiwaley, Lala (Surendra Pal), Don and the minister (Mohan Joshi).


Actor Character Role Notes
Dharmendra Ajith Singh ACP
Mukesh Khanna Ranveer Chauhan Police Inspector
Deepti Naval Mrs. Chauhan Police Inspector Ranveer’s wife
Reena Roy Sudha Ajith Singh Wife
Sudesh Berry Vikram Singh Brothers of ACP Ajith Singh
Jay Mehta (actor) Jai Singh
Mamta Kulkarni Renu, Sister of Sudha singh and Jai’s Love Interest
Shikha Swaroop Mona Singh Wife of Vikram Singh and Daughter of Kailashnath Narang/Don
Ajit Vachani Nihal Singh Police Constable After promotion Becomes Inspector
Brahmachari R K Kadam
Naresh Suri Mahendra Singh Police Inspector
Jagdeep Mamu Servant of ACP Ajith Singh
Guddi Maruti Renu Duplicate Name Jai misunderstand Guddi Maruti as Real Renu instead of Mamta Kulkarni at Airport and brings Guddi Maruti at home
Mohan Joshi Shambhunath Chief Minister
Ranjeet Kaalishankar Peeli Topiwale Nagar Samiti Head
Gurbachan Singh Goon of Kali Shankar
Girija Shankar Kailashnath Narang Don/Father of Mona
Surendra Pal Lalaa
Ram Sethi Damodar Assistant of Chief Minister Shambhunath
Sharat Saxena Police Commissioner
Viju Khote Shamsher Singh Kallu Jailor
Pradeep Rawat Patania Shambhunath replaces Pradeep Rawat as Jailor in place of Viju Khote
Achyut Potdar Mr Mehra Intelligence Chief
Arun Bali Central Government Minister
Sumeet Pathak Son of Police Inspector Ranveer Chauhan


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