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Sadda Adda Dvd

Six bachelors, who live together in an apartment, attempt to share a rapt camaraderie despite belonging to different backgrounds and facing several challenges.

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Sadda Adda (transl. Our spot) is a 2012 Indian comedy film directed by Muazzam Beg. The film was Muazzam Beg’s directorial debut. Sadda Adda was produced by Rajeev Agarwal, Ramesh Agarwal and Tarun Agarwal, under the banner of Rajtaru Studios Limited.


The film depicts how six bachelors live together, despite their completely different backdrops and personalities like bihari Safal Yadav Manpaur (Madhubani).[citation needed] Their home, which they call “Sadda Adda”, is an absolute mess of beer bottles, dirty clothes, and mattresses, yet together, they carry out the tasks of cooking, cleaning and paying the rent, while sharing laughter and tears, and always standing up for each other like a family. “Sadda Adda” starts as a midway room to assist them while they work towards their dreams, but turns out to become their true home.


Karanvir Sharma as Sameer Khanna
Shaurya Chauhan as Shreya Gujral
Bhaumik Sampat as Irfan Habib
Kadambari Jethwani as Ridhima
Rohin Robert as Rajat Hooda
Rohit Arora as Jogi
Kunal Panth as Kabir Asthana
Parimal Alok as Safal Yadav


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