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Kaanchi: The Unbreakable Dvd

Kaanchi, a 19-year old woman, witnesses Sanjay Kakda, an influential politician’s son, murdering her lover, Binda. She flees her village and devises a plan to take revenge on the Kakda family.

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Kaanchi: The Unbreakable is a 2014 Indian Hindi-language romantic film produced and directed by Subhash Ghai, starring newcomer actress Mishti and Kartik Aaryan in lead roles supported by veteran actors Rishi Kapoor and Mithun Chakraborty.


Kaanchi is a story of the inner power of a woman who represents over one million suppressed youth against injustice in her country. Kaanchi ‘Sigdi’ (Mishti) is a strong girl who lives with her mother and sister in a village Koshampa. She is in love with her childhood friend Binda (Kartik Aaryan), and their families decide to get them married. Meanwhile, the Kakda family try to occupy Koshampa and turn it into an industrial hub. Binda fights for it. Sushant (Rishabh Sinha), the son of Shyam Kakda (Mithun Chakraborty), falls in love with Kaanchi and wants to marry her. But Kaanchi rejects him. Due to this, Sushant kills Binda before their wedding in front of Kaanchi. A furious Kaanchi leaves for Mumbai seeking revenge on the Kakda family. She lives in the house of Bagulla (Chandan Roy Sanyal), her old friend. She finds a servant job at Shyam Kakda’s house by making some contacts. She tries to expose his affair with his secretary as well as the truth behind Binda’s murder, by recording a video in his bedroom. But she gets caught by the guard but safely escapes while she loses her phone. After few days she finds out that Sushant is returning to India and is going to stay with Jumar Kakda (Rishi Kapoor). She joins as a servant at his house with Bagulla’s help. She manages to steal the chip which has all the secret information of their business. Meanwhile she gets her phone back from her friend who works at Shyam Kakda’s house. She submits the evidence to a news channel and cripples the business of the Kakda family and also saves her village Koshampu. But Bagulla, who is a secret agent helping the Kakda family, sells her to Sushant, who then captures Kaanchi’s sister. Later, Bagulla changes his mind and comes back to help Kaanchi. Finally, Kaanchi kills Sushant.

Then she returns to her village and rejoins her family. It is also the story of an innocent rural beauty and her fight against power.


Mishti as Kaanchi
Kartik Aaryan as Binda
Natasha Rastogi as Teji (Kaanchi’s mother)
Anil Charanjeett as Subedar (Binda’s Father)
Mithun Chakraborty as Shyam Kakda
Rishi Kapoor as Jumar B. Kakda
Rishabh Sinha as Sushant Kakda (Shyam Kakda’s son)
Pallavi Subhash Chandran as Savita Pathare (Shyam’s Keep)
Amrita Raichand as Gayatri (Jumar’s Wife)
Chandan Roy Sanyal as Inspector Ratanlal Bagulla
Sahil Vaid as Sanjay Pathare
Meeta Vashisht as Meeta
Adil Hussain as CBI officer Arun Roy
Akash Dhar as Satykaam
Gargi Patel as Maya Tai
Naresh Gosain as Inspector Bhaagwat
Mukesh Bhatt as Pannalal
Anant Jog as Vedant
Gulshan Pandey as Inspector Radhekant
Nissar Khan as Bhavesh (JB Kakda’s Man)
Ankit Varshneya as Saadiq (Satykam’s Man)
Mahima Chaudhry special appearance in item number
Hazel Crowney special appearance in song “Thumka”
Shakti Mohan item song “Kambal ke Neeche”
Mukti Mohan item song “Kambal Ke Neeche”


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