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Satrangee Parachute Dvd

Pappu and his friends run away from Nainital, leaving behind worried parents, and arrive in Mumbai. They are intent on buying a parachute for their friend who is visually impaired.

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Satrangee Parachute (transl. A rainbow-coloured parachute) is a Hindi-language film released 25 February 2011. The film revolves around an eight-year-old runaway kid who runs away from his village in Nainital to Mumbai with four of his friends.


Pappu (Siddhartha Sanghani), leader of a group of precocious kids, sets off to find a parachute for their visually impaired friend Kuhu. Pappu’s parents, Chhotulal (Zakir Hussain) and Sumitra (Rupali Ganguly), worry for him but this is not the first time he has run away. However, the other parents are angry with Pappu for leading their kids astray.

When the five children overhear a man (Ashraf-ul-haq) mention buying a parachute, the kids follow him and his friends, but it turns out that the four men are terrorists planning an operation needing parachutes.

The police mistake the five kids as members of the terrorists and they are arrested. The investigating officer Rhino (Kay Kay Menon) gets nothing from the kids, so his commanding officer (Jackie Shroff) takes over.


Rajvi Patel as Kuhu
Jackie Shroff as Jay Singh
Rupali Ganguly as Sumitra C. Sharma
Sanjay Mishra as Daroga Pratap Singh
Kay Kay Menon as Rhino
Rajpal Yadav as Parimal Babu
Lilliput Faruqui


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