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Tanu Weds Manu Dvd

Tanu Weds Manu is a 2011 Indian Hindi-language romantic drama film directed by Aanand L. Rai, and produced by Shailesh R Singh. It stars Madhavan, Kangana Ranaut and Jimmy Sheirgill. The story of the film has been written by Himanshu Sharma, music is directed by Krsna Solo and the lyrics penned by Rajshekhar.

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Tanu Weds Manu is a 2011 Indian Hindi-language romantic drama film directed by Aanand L. Rai, and produced by Shailesh R Singh. It stars Madhavan, Kangana Ranaut and Jimmy Sheirgill. The story of the film has been written by Himanshu Sharma, music is directed by Krsna Solo and the lyrics penned by Rajshekhar. The film was released on 25 February 2011. Upon release, the film was commercially successful, particularly in Delhi, UP and Punjab. It was dubbed in German and released under the title Tanu Und Manu Trauen Sich. The film was remade in Telugu as Mr. Pellikoduku. A sequel, titled Tanu Weds Manu: Returns was released on May 22, 2015.


Manoj Kumar Sharma alias Manu (Madhavan) is an NRI doctor living in London. He comes to India to find an Indian bride and get married. His parents have already short-listed some girls for him to meet, and they, along with his friend Pappi (Deepak Dobriyal) take him to Kanpur to meet Tanuja Trivedi alias Tanu (Kangana Ranaut). After they land in Kanpur, a bunch of goons grab Manu from the rail station and give him a few slaps, but when Pappi finds Manu he tells him to let it go. At Tanu’s house, the two sets of parents find that they get on extremely well with each other, and decide that if Manu likes Tanu, they can finalize the matter immediately. There is one minor hitch: Tanu’s mother tells her guests that Tanu has been ill since yesterday and is unable to rise from bed. She asks Manu to go up to Tanu’s bedroom and meet her there. She shows Manu to Tanu’s room and goes away to the kitchen. Tanu is very unresponsive, and Manu initially thinks that she is shy and bashful. He soon realizes that Tanu is in fact fast asleep. He gazes upon her beautiful sleeping figure, and promptly becomes enamored. He comes downstairs and tells both the families that he is willing to marry her.

Before making the engagement public, the families decide to go on a pilgrimage and seek the blessings of God. During the train journey, Tanu finds an opportunity to speak privately with Manu, and tells him that she had intentionally taken sleeping pills to fall asleep, to avoid meeting him. She tells him rudely that she loves someone else, and that she has her lover’s name tattooed on her chest; she also tells him that the thugs who had roughed him up when he initially landed in Kanpur had been sent by her boyfriend. She demands that Manu should now reject her. Manu is extremely disappointed because he likes her immensely, but he dutifully does the decent thing. Taking the blame upon himself, and not revealing to anyone the fact that the girl is having a love affair with another man, he tells his father to convey to Tanu’s parents that he has decided not to marry her. Tanu’s parents are more than a little miffed at this turn of events, but since the forthcoming engagement was known only to them, there is no public loss of face.

Weeks pass, and Manu’s parents bring out other proposals from their shortlist for him to meet. He meets several prospective girls from suitable families, but cannot forget Tanu. One of the girls he meets is Ayushi (Neha Kaul), whose hand has become crooked due to some problem. While the two families are sitting together, Ayushi’s brother Raja (Jimmy Sheirgill) comes home, bloodied and disheveled. His father expresses frustration that Raja keeps getting in fights. Later on the roof, Raja and Manu have a conversation where Raja advises Manu to marry his sister despite the condition of her hand as it does not stop her from doing her works properly, and it will heal with proper treatment anyway. Manu agrees that Ayushi is very nice but says he is ‘helpless’ and cannot marry her. Raja understands something is amiss and respects Manu for being honest.

Later at home Manu declares he would rather not get married now, and expresses his wish to leave for London. But Pappi informs him about the wedding of another school friend Jassi (Eijaz Khan) and they travel to Punjab to attend it. Upon arriving, Manu finds out that Tanu is also attending the wedding, and that she is a friend of Payal (Swara Bhaskar), Jassi’s bride-to-be. Jassi and Pappi advise Manu to try and win her over. Over the next few days, Manu and Tanu strike up a friendship. Tanu still has the boyfriend but enjoys Manu’s attention, and when Manu inquires about her boyfriend she jokes that for her any guy (or even girl) would do as long as it is not her father’s choice. Manu is encouraged. But someone else at the wedding is also crushing on Tanu, and seeing her and Manu spending time together he calls Tanu’s parents with the intention of worrying them about a scandal. Jassi called and invited Manu’s parents and incidentally both sets of parents arrive at the same time. Tanu thinks that Manu has called them up and is trying to reestablish their cancelled wedding connection. She is upset. This causes tension among her, Manu, Jassi and Payal; feeling guilty, Manu decides to leave. But Tanu comes to the rail station to stop him and tells him she is on the verge of eloping, that she and her lover are going to get secretly married in a registry office, and then present her parents with a fait accompli. She asks him to stay till the wedding.

Manu is heartbroken. As Pappi and he leave on a train back to Chandigarh, they meet Raja again, and after explaining to Raja how Manu is in love with someone, Raja states they will all go back to Kanpur and promises Manu he will marry him to any girl he falls in love with. Jassi also calls and tells Manu that he will not marry without him being present. As Manu and Pappi reach Jassi’s “baraat”, Manu receives a call from Raja, revealing that Raja is Tanu’s boyfriend. Despite Pappi chiding him for it, Manu goes to the registrar’s office to be a witness to Raja and Tanu’s marriage. The man who is supposed to marry them is busy on the phone and when they are not able to find a pen to sign the papers the man says it is late anyway and they should come back tomorrow for their marriage. While going back, Raja tells Manu that he does not want to be married in this stealthy way, but Tanu’s family would never accept him as nobody would recommend him to them properly. Hearing this, Manu later talks to Tanu’s father, and convinces him to accept Raja. Tanu’s father accepts somewhat unwillingly, and wonders out loud why Manu is doing this. He and Tanu’s mother would prefer Manu as their son in law and had been delighted when they got the call about Manu and Tanu being together.

Tanu is scolded by Payal. She accuses Tanu for not being entirely happy with not having to elope- there is no novelty in a proper arranged marriage- not being grateful enough to Manu and not being able to see his love for her. Preparations for Tanu’s wedding with Raja begin. The wedding gift from Manu is a large poster, a collage of numerous photographs of Tanu in her various moods and poses, which Manu had snapped on various occasions, including the one of the first time Manu saw her. Tanu is touched. Later, Raja does not have the time to buy Tanu a wedding lehenga as he has to be somewhere else urgently, so he asks Manu to help him out. It is painful for Manu, but he goes with Tanu to shop for her bridal outfit. While coming back, Tanu asks him whether he actually had a pen with him at the registrar’s office. Manu confesses that he did, and lied about not having one like an idiot because he didn’t want her to marry Raja. He also talks about his lonely life in London, how he fell in love with Tanu at first sight and how however much he tried to stay away from her it didn’t work. Meanwhile, one of the goons who beat Manu up on behalf of Raja has noticed them together in the jeep, recognized him and called Raja. Raja appears, and it is unclear how much of the conversation he has heard, but he takes Tanu away.

Raja and Tanu have a fight. Tanu confesses she has feelings for Manu. Raja is angry, and demands Tanu still marries him as, a few months of fulfilling her wifely duties will make her forget everything.

Raja drops Tanu home. She is torn and emotional, and pulling Manu aside she demands to clearly know whether he loves her or not. She will only believe it if Manu puts his palm on her cheek and professes his love. Manu does so. Tanu, relieved and elated, decides to marry Manu, not Raja.

Tanu’s parents rejoice at this turn of events. Manu’s parents are also on board with this alliance. But when everyone goes to Raja’s place to cancel Tanu’s wedding with him, a furious Raja threaten them with a gun and warns of dire consequences if Tanu is married to anyone other than him. He promises he will come to marry Tanu at due time. Everyone comes back worried but Manu is adamant on his wedding with Tanu taking place. Tanu’s father bribes an Inspector of Police as per the instruction of Pappi and Jassi, and gets Raja arrested on false charges. The plan is that Raja will remain in jail for a few days, during which time Tanu will be married and safely sent away. However, everyone is shocked to see that Raja is arriving with a wedding procession as promised, at the wedding venue at the same time as Manu, the bridegroom. Raja brandishes a gun and creates a scene. Manu however refuses to be scared and begins reasoning with Raja. Meanwhile, Tanu appears at the door, dressed as a bride, and tells Raja she would only be scared for Manu and as he is not scared, she is not either. The two of them begin to walk away together. Raja aims the gun and almost pulls the trigger, but thinks better of it in the end. He says no one wants him to marry Tanu, not even his mother has given him her blessings for it. He then reminds Manu of the promise he had made to him, and he decides to honor his promise, and tells Tanu he might be many things, but he is not a betrayer. Thus Raja decides to do the right thing, and congratulates the couple with quiet pain evident on his face. He leaves as the proceedings for Tanu and Manu’s wedding start once more.


Madhavan as Manoj Kumar Sharma aka Manu
Kangana Ranaut as Tanuja “Tanu” Sharma / Tanu Trivedi
Jimmy Sheirgill as Raja Awasthi
K K Raina as Mr. Sharma
Dipti Mishra as Mrs. Sharma
Rajendra Gupta as Mr. Trivedi
Navni Parihar as Mrs. Trivedi
Neha Kaul as Ayushi, Raja’s sister
Ravi Kishan as Raja’s friend
Deepak Dobriyal as Pappi, Manu’s friend
Eijaz Khan as Jassi Gill
Swara Bhaskar as Payal Jassi Gill
Archana Shukla as Bulbul Sas
Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub as Baarik launda


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